“We’ve gone from fire hoses to levees.”

Posted by: ST on September 27, 2005 at 7:39 pm

On Friday I blogged about Representative Charlie Rangel’s racist comments to the a CBC Townhall meeting where he claimed to other black people in the audience that President Bush was "our Bull Connor."  Since that time, the RNC has called for Democratic leaders to condemn the remarks.  Have they? No.  In fact, some state and national Democrats have praised them and added on to them:

The Republican request for repudiation, however, met with expressions of support for Mr. Rangel’s statement, particularly from black Democratic leaders in New York. The Reverend Al Sharpton came out in support of Mr. Rangel’s analysis, and another member of the city’s congressional delegation, Major Owens, a Democrat of Brooklyn, denounced Mr. Bush as "even more diabolical" than Connor.


Yesterday, Mr. Rangel, reached by phone, elaborated on his comments, saying he made the comparison because Mr. Bush, like Connor, had become a rallying point for America’s blacks.

"For decades in the ’20s and ’30s, black folks were killed, maimed, tortured, and lynched in the South," Mr. Rangel told The New York Sun. "And the good people did nothing about it. And then came the blowing up of children in the churches – Emmett Till, and Bull Connor, with the dogs lashing out against the young people, and the fire hoses." Emmett Till was the black teenager whose 1955 murder in Mississippi intensified the civil rights movement.

"And because of the Bull Connors," Mr. Rangel said, "the American people said enough is enough." Connor, Mr. Rangel said, "woke up the country in terms of racism, and maybe the indifference of Bush can wake up the country in terms of not having tax cuts but ending poverty."

Here is where it really gets sickening (emphasis added):

Support for Mr. Rangel’s comparison was explicit among Democratic leaders in New York City as the party’s nominee for mayor, Fernando Ferrer, weighed in. "George W. Bush and the conservative Republican policies he champions have consistently hurt working people throughout our country and our city," a spokeswoman for the candidate, Christy Setzer, said yesterday. "President Bush is an affront to the Democratic values Congressman Rangel and Fernando Ferrer share."

A prominent black activist, Rev. Sharpton, also supported Mr. Rangel’s Bush-as-Connor comparison. "I think that the statement clearly says that if there is a person that is a symbol that many blacks organize around and organize against in this generation, it would be Bush – as it was with one generation and Connor," Rev. Sharpton said. "In that sense I agree with him," he said of Mr. Rangel.

"Clearly Bush has become that, especially after Katrina," Rev. Sharpton said. "We’ve gone from fire hoses to levees."

As Rev. Sharpton expressed support for Mr. Rangel’s comments, another senior member of the Congressional Black Caucus and of New York’s congressional delegation, Mr. [Major] Owens, said he thought Mr. Rangel hadn’t taken the metaphor far enough.

"Bull Connor didn’t even pretend that he cared about African-Americans," Mr. Owens said. "You have to give it to George Bush for being even more diabolical."

"With his faith-based initiatives," Mr. Owens added, "he made it appear that he cared about black Americans. Katrina has exposed that as a big lie."

As a result, Mr. Rangel "is on the right track," Mr. Owens said. "This is worse than Bull Connor," he added.

A Democrat who represents Brooklyn on New York’s City Council, Charles Barron, concurred with that sentiment. "I think that’s an insult to Connor," he said of Mr. Rangel’s statement. "George Bush is worse, because he has more power and he’s more destructive to our people than Bull Connor will ever be."

For example, Mr. Barron said, "A KKK without power is not as bad as a George Bush with power."

"To be a racist in the richest, most powerful country in the world is lethal," Mr. Barron added. "Look what he’s doing to communities of color all over the world," the council member said of Mr. Bush. "He’s a lethal racist."

"What he did in New Orleans – I mean, that’s worse than what Bull Connor did in his entire career as a racist in the South," Mr. Barron said. "Look at these neighborhoods before Katrina hit. Bush made that community what it is. Katrina did the rest, in partnership with Bush, to deliver the final blow."

Remember what Dick Cheney said to Pat Leahy on the Senate floor back in June of last year?  If I weren’t a lady, and if I weren’t inclined to keep this blog clean of curse words, I might post those same comments here and direct them towards the race-baiters quoted in the article.   I have ZERO patience and NO tolerance for BS like this and it angers the hell out of me that NY and DC Demcrats will not condemn Rangel’s comments but expect Republicans en masse to repudiate inflammatory comments when they come from people in their own party.  Hypocrites!

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7 Responses to ““We’ve gone from fire hoses to levees.””


  1. Baklava says:

    I think these liberal leaders will continue to get elected too.

    Working here in the belly of the beast in CA state goverment, I see the mindset of a bunch of rank-and-file Democrats.

    It’ll only change when liberal media outlets are held responsible for slander and lies. Because, Web sites like Common Dreams and Democratic Underground do not have to exercise any responsibility.

    Am I advocating for a federal censorship? No.

    Conservatives are already winning the war of ideas. We need to keep plugging away making liberals more and more irrelevant causing them to be more shrill.

    We also need to make sure the federal government never steps in and stops blogs and talk radio.

    These are our outlets of truth. They are changing one mind at a time, day by day. It used to be for 54 years that Democrats had the majority of Congress, state legislatures, state governorships and during those years some presidency’s. Since 1994 that has changed. While Republicans have a majority of governorships and state legislatures and Congress and then in 2000 the White House as well….. Budgets have continued to increase, government is getting bigger, benefits are increasing, the federal role in education has increased…. AND YET Liberals are getting more shrill and acting like budgets are being slashed, education spending is going down and every other accusation.

    The funny thing is “generally” Republicans are left of center and are incrasing government, just not as fast as liberals would…. Conservatives still haven’t achieved most of what they are pushing for. It’ll be really humorous to see how shrill liberals get after conservatives policies get moved forward or a conservative actualy gets elected to the White House.

  2. “It’ll be really humorous to see how shrill liberals get after conservatives policies get moved forward or a conservative actualy gets elected to the White House.”

    I wonder if that will *ever* happen.

  3. Clintons Zipper says:

    Give Charlie as much rope as he needs. It’s too funny!

    We know all too well how this hustle works for the race-baiting politicians and their leadership.

    They have exposed themselves for what they are, minor role-players for the democratic party.

  4. Hi CZ – outside of Republicans who see what he’s really up to, has he really been exposed? I mean the MSM won’t go after this story, and the Dems are standing behind him.

  5. Clintons Zipper says:

    Hey Sis,

    All I can say is thank God for FOXNews and talk radio. They have one heck of an audience while the MSM is in decay. Charlie appeared on FOX the other night being taken to task for his Bull Connor comments and Connor was a democrat. Most people get it.

    It’s just my observation that the democrat leadership has created roles for faithful party members like Charlie, Dick Durbin and others to keep the loopy lefties in the fold. They have no chance for national office, cabinet positions and other real places of power so they pop up occasionally to attack. They love the limelight and the party uses them like lap dogs.

    It appears that they take turns. I notice a rotation of the usual suspects. Instead of wearing one or two out, yesterday it was Charlie’s turn. Tomorrow Durban may come out with something outrageous. Next week another useful idiot may be up and on and on. When they want some real heavy lifting, they call on Kennedy, Gore, Pelosi or Reid to show up.

    Just my observation, that’s all. And I do think most folks are smart enough to get it.

    Love your blog BTW.