Thomas Sowell on the Miers nomination

Posted by: ST on October 9, 2005 at 11:10 am

Food for thought for your Sunday morning reading: Republican Senate Is Weak, Not Bush

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Mark Steyn: She’s not ideal, but she’ll get job done

In the meantime, check out the latest Harriet Miers discussions in the blogosphere.

BeldarBlog takes a look at Harriet Miers record.

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3 Responses to “Thomas Sowell on the Miers nomination”


  1. Evon says:

    Ann Coulter was embarrassed that nominee Miers had sewed some of her own clothing. Well! I’m embarrassed that I bought two books by a woman who seems to think that intellectual women don’t know which end of a needle to thread. [I’m sure ol’ Ann would understand this form of hyperbole.]

    I’m also embarrassed that I didn’t understand my role as a Conservative from fly-over land. I’m to buy books, as I have, by Coulter, Levin, Bennett, Bork, Will, Ingram, Malkin–and I’m to listen to their radio shows, read their blogs and/or columns, watch them on TV and appreciate that only they know who should be on the Supreme Court. In this case, I suspect the major requirement is that the nominee be someone they know on a first name basis rather than someone from fly-over land.

    Full disclosure, I sewed most of the clothes I wore in high school and college and, at one time, even some of the clothes I wore to work.

    I’m waiting for the hearings to make up my mind about Miers–if the elitist conservative pile-on does not succeed and she actually gets as far as the hearings.

  2. Bachbone says:

    Ms. Coulter makes her living by being controversial in her writings and sayings, so her books and column will sell. If she were not as provocative, she wouldn’t get noticed or invited to media shows that are also looking for ratings. I don’t always care for her methods of getting attention, but much, certainly not all, of what she says makes sense. I much prefer Ms. Ingraham’s style. It isn’t as “in your face” and that kind of disarms her opponents, usually lefties, so she can sneak in for the kill. But I am thankful both are on our side. They prove, once again, that conservatives are not afraid of strong women speaking out.

  3. Evon says:

    Ann Coulter may make her living by being controversial. I will no longer be contributing to it by buying her books or watching her on TV. She has shown herself to be an insufferable snob.