The embarrassing Mel Watt

Posted by: ST on October 14, 2005 at 1:52 pm

My Representative in the US House, I’m sad to say:

( – The chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus Friday urged his Capitol Hill colleagues to extend and strengthen the Voting Rights Act in order to “level the playing field” because, U.S. Rep. Melvin Watt said, “white people … will not consider voting for an African American candidate.”

Watt, a Democrat from North Carolina, made the remarks at a Washington hearing held by the National Commission on the Voting Rights Act. The commission, a project of the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, is conducting nationwide hearings to gather data on voter discrimination for a report it will issue supporting the extension of the Voting Rights Act.

“Race has to be taken into account to factor out the people on the other side” who would refuse to vote for a minority candidate because of their race,” Watt said. He added that he thinks much voting is based on race, not partisanship.

Watt told Cybercast News Service that his views are based on a 1980s blind poll of North Carolinians, which he said revealed that 30 percent of whites would not vote for a black candidate under any circumstances.

Not only is Mr. Watt citing 20 year old polls, but he seems to be trying his hand at being a psychic as well:

Watt told the commission that if another poll were conducted today, “there would be a substantial majority of white voters who would say that under no circumstances would they vote for an African American candidate.” He later amended his comments, allowing that “some of them would.”

Uh huh.

Mr. Watt will be receiving an email from me later today. Not that it will matter to him as the few I’ve sent prior have gone unanswered outside of the obligatory “thank you for emailing the offices of Mel Watt” auto-reply. If you’re a citizen of this state, and would like to let Rep. Watt know your thoughts about what he’s said regarding white voters in North Carolina, click here for his contact information. Even if you aren’t in his district, it’s important that he knows how you feel regarding the effect his comments will have on race relations here in North Carolina.

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8 Responses to “The embarrassing Mel Watt”


  1. PCD says:


    Unfortunately, Liberal Democrats do not even see e-mail that doesn’t flatter them. It is standard orders to the staff to ditch all out of district and non-agreeing correspondance. Babs Boxer and DI-FI are established in this procedure from the early 90’s. Boxer would even order the phones turned off in their district offices.

    Oh, Tammy Bruce did the dump the callers routine, too, at KFI.

  2. Baklava says:

    So typical of liberals to know what’s in everyone’s heads amd make false allegations.

    Even over a decade aga Douglas Wilder was able to be elected governor of Virginia. Sure that’s not North Carolina but it is a bordering state with much of the same type of demographics.

  3. Bachbone says:

    ST, send him a link to one of the many polls showing a lot of conservatives want Dr. Condoleezza Rice to run for president. And to the piece that Dick Morris (no favorite of mine) wrote saying she would beat St. Hillary. Let him explain those away.

  4. Severian says:

    What does he mean by “race has to be taken into account?” Is he proposing that because a certain percentage of whites (according to him) will never vote for a black candidate, that a black candidate should get that percentage added to their vote tally? What does extending the provisions of the Voters Rights Act have to do with what he’s talking about?:?:

    Once again, we see the type of totally clueless, illogical, surreality that liberal thought produces. An orange is tart, therefore I like potato chips type of exercise in rationalization. What the fact that whites allegedly won’t vote for blacks has to do with a dated voters rights act is beyond me. Maybe he feels that this calls for voter fraud?

    Yeah, whites don’t vote for blacks, that explains people like Barak Obama and the push for Condi Rice to run. And even if a person will never vote for a black candidate, that is their RIGHT under a democracy. When you start forcing people to vote a certain way, you’re right in the same boat as the former Soviet Union, unanimous voting as you are told what and who to vote for.


  5. Pam says:

    Sister T- I looked into what all the hoopla was with this VRA that your representative wants strengthened. Before I get into what I uncovered, can I ask if you were as insulted as I was by the comment “Race has to be taken into account to factor out the people on the other side” who would refuse to vote for a minority candidate because of their race”
    Click here, it is in PDF format. It goes on and on in a very borng way about the disinfranching of him and her, but then it gets to the crux of the issue. Let’s give convicted felons their voting privilages back. It gives an unfair advantage to Republicans over Democrats if they don’t!

  6. Dana R. Pico says:

    In one way, Representative Watt was expressing frustration with the Democratic Party. Not one member of the House Black Caucus was first elected from a majority white district, not one! Yet every black Republican elected to the House since Reconstruction represented a majority white district; admittedly, that’s a small number, and no black Republicans currently sit in Congress. It seems that the problem is that white Democrats don’t want to elect blacks to represent them.

    It has been different in the Senate: three blacks have been elected to Senate seats in recent years, one Republican and two Democrats, and all represented majority white states.

    I lived in Virginia when Douglas Wilder was elected as the first (and still only) black governor since Reconstruction. (See Baklava’s comment.) And I voted for him: the Republican nominee, Marshall Coleman, could best be described by the slang term for the human rectum, and Virginia voters saw that.

    By the way, Sis, thanks for the clue on the TTLB Ecosystem: now I’m up from Adorable Little Rodent to Marauding Marsupial!

  7. PCD: It wouldn’t surprise me if a lot of Senators/Representatives did that from both sides of the aisle. Seems criticism makes politicans very uncomfy, especially these days πŸ˜•

    Bak: Yep, that’s true – however, I suspect if Mr. Watt were being truly honest about his beliefs, he’d clarify and state that he was referring to white Republicans, not just whites in general. Of course this is mildly ironic considering the district that was drawn up that he serves now was drawn specifically to get a black representative elected because according to ‘polls’ black people in areas of the state didn’t feel like they were being represented fairly in Congress by white representatives … so they drew a district that was heavily black, so a black representative would be guaranteed to be elected.

    Bach: Good idea, though I’ve already sent the email … it’s probably already in his file thirteen by now anyway. LOL.

    Severian: I’m trying to figure out just what his goals are. And last I checked, there was nothing about this on his website. Oddly, I can’t seem to find his comments anywhere in the MSM (CNS is the only source so far). Imagine that …

    Pam: I’ll check out the link … thanks for doing that research! And yes, I was insulted by Mr. Watt’s comments, but sadly am used to his baloney at this point. Still, some comments reeeally rub the wrong way, you know?

    Dana: You make some good points – see my note to Baklava on what I thought Mr. Watt really meant to say (had he been totally honest). Glad to hear you’ve advanced in the TTLB EcoSystem! I’m still stuck at the “Large Mammal” stage and the hurdle is high to climb in order to get to the next level (which is “Playful Primate”) and I’d have to get about 360 more inbound links to get to that level… ah well!:shock: