Another censoring of Christmas

Posted by: ST on November 30, 2005 at 12:57 pm

Sigh. Via WND:

Teachers at a Georgia elementary school reportedly were told to nix any religious pins and refrain from referring to a party as a “Christmas” party, while the local district has censored certain religious Christmas songs from its “winter” program.

The Alliance Defense Fund, a religious-liberties law group, wrote a letter to the district yesterday informing the Jackson County School System in Jefferson, Ga., that it stands on shaky constitutional ground due to its actions.

“Frankly, it’s ridiculous that we’re even discussing whether it’s OK to say ‘Merry Christmas.’ I’m sure just about everyone would rather have a merry Christmas than a meaningless winter holiday,” said ADF senior legal counsel David Cortman in a statement.

Amen. I mean, Christmas is the NAME of the holiday. What the heck is wrong with these people? What’s next? Renaming Easter? I get so sick of this PC BS, but honestly sometimes I feel like it’s a losing battle trying to fight it. Not that I’ll stop battling, but it still gets very frustrating.

Hat tip: California Conservative

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    1. PCD says:


      This is just a basic battle the Libs are waging to break America away from its moral and religious foundations. They hate Christ and Christians. Sure, they don’t mind the time off from work and getting gifts, but the basic meaning for the HOLY day is what they are trying to eradicate.

    2. Bachbone says:

      Bill O’Reilly is not a favorite of mine, but he has, I think, accurately seen through this push to remove any semblance of religion, especially Christianity, since we are primarily a Christian nation, from our lives. When religion is eradicated, anything goes. I sent a donation to the ADF yesterday.

    3. scmommy says:

      ST, the libs are counting on everyone getting tired of fighting this battle and just give up. Not a chance! Everyone needs to continue the fight, if only to watch their heads explode! 😉

    4. Amen, Sistah. Christmas is the name of the holiday. And we’re trying to remind retailers of that.

      O’Reilly had some secularist on the program last night, asking her if she minds hearing “Merry Christmas” in a department store.

      Her answer (albeit reluctant): Just as long as they don’t have to change it from “Happy Holidays”. Can you believe that? This is the kind of tactical disingenousness that advances their agenda.

      She ignored the fact that it’s always been “Merry Christmas” until the stores were pressured into saying otherwise.

      That’s why we urge others to Support Christmas.

    5. steve says:

      December 25th is actually an old pagan holiday. Do you know why the pagans celebrated this particular day? Peace

    6. Baklava says:


    7. Aimz says:

      It really has gotten ridiculous hasn’t it? btw I came here through Amy P’s journal.

    8. webmistress says:

      Hello folks, I’ve been reading but not posting lately because I’m busy. I’d like to add a different point of view to this debate.

      Do you think part of the growing emphasis on winter holidays (or whatever) stems from changing demographics in America?

      I live in a suburb of Austin Texas. The school where 2 of my kids go is considered minority because over 50% of the students are of Asian and South Asian descent. We have Hindus, Buddists, Muslims, Sikhs, Catholics, Protestants, etc. The students learn about all holidays–including Eid and Diwali.

      Christmas is not prohibited but we do have “holiday” parties and not “Christmas” parties. The interspersing of many faiths becomes more widespread throughout the world, I think you will continue to see more of this type of debate, and I personally don’t think it is ever a bad thing to become more aware of those around us.

      Just my thoughts.


    9. J Rob says:

      Yes, we know that Dec. 25 was originally a celebration of the solstice that was given a Christian emphasis (no, I don’t think Jesus was born in December. We know it was called Saturnalia in the Roman empire. We know what we call a “Christmas tree” has its origins in the pagan Celtic practice.
      I would also like to point out that Christmas is not Christianity’s primary holiday that would be Easter. Yes, steve, I know that Easter was a pagan holiday that existed before Jesus’ resurrection which coincided with it.

    10. Ed Minchau says:

      Why is there a holiday at the end of December? If the reason for the holiday is denied, then why bother having a holiday at all?

      If December 25th is just like any other day, then nobody should get paid triple time for working that day. And anybody who misses work on that day (without a legitimate reason, such as being sick or using that day to have their abortion) should be fired. (/sarcasm)

    11. CavalierX says:

      I recieved an email invitation to some Republican group’s “Holiday Party.” I wrote back to tell them that I declined to accept, since they hadn’t specified which holiday they were celebrating. 😎

    12. Lorica says:

      Mistress Here is the problem. We call Christmas time, holidays now. But do we call Ramadan the fasting month?? Why should we Christians be forced to the generic when the other religions don’t. This IS an attempt to force Christianity out of the public eye. I have no problem with other religions. I think that we should learn about other religions. But I don’t think that Christianity, IN this country, should take a back seat to any other religion, and if we offend some folk, tough.

      Also alot of this attack on Christianity in public is not for that reason alone. Eventually they are going to want to open up a new Constitutional convention and take all reference to God out of our historical documents, and while we are in there, let’s take alook into that nasty ole’ Electoral College. Or perhaps we need to change that “Freedom of Religion”. I know, I know I am being a conspriacy nut. – Lorica

      Ohhhhh and Steve, You seriously need to look at the Bible. You will find where Jesus, the non-violent, took a WHIP to the money changers and kicked there butts outta the Temple courtyard. All that has to happen for EVIL to win, is for GOOD men to do NOTHING. Thanks for Nothing Steve.

    13. Amal says:

      😕 I think that making it a holiday instead of Christmas is just ridiculous. All religions should be able to celebrate their high holy days without interference. As a Muslim, I can tell you that calling Christmas a holiday instead of Christmas is very offensive to me. That is just my point of view.

      By the way, found you through Camp Katrina

    14. Brian says:

      This is just another case of hypersensitivity among a certain segment of religious Christians. Christians are free to throw all the “Christmas” parties they want and sing all of the “Christmas” songs they want in their homes and churches. They are free to put up all the “Christmas” decorations they want in their homes and churches. For some Christians this is not enough. They also feel that department stores and public schools should be doing the same regardless of other people’s beliefs. In this case I applaud the elementary school for removing religious Christmas songs from its winter program. If I was in a school choir, I know I would find it offensive if I had to sing songs about Jesus, such as “Silent Night”. Children should not be required to do this.

      This has nothing to do with being anti-Christian. I strongly support the right of Christians to celebrate their holidays and practice their religion in their homes and churches. I just also support the right of people to not be a part of this if they don’t want to be.

    15. PCD says:


      There is no right in the Constitution to not be offended. You offend me often. Athiests who try to impose their religion by banning all others from the public offend me. I don’t have the right to shut them out of the public as you don’t have the right to lock Christians in their closets.

    16. Pam says:

      Steve- if you were in the choir, you would be given the option of sitting out the song. Why should 225 years of tradition be disrupted because you are uncomfortable. Why should the majority be put out for the minority?

    17. Baklava says:

      Pam, he’s been given a break… 😉

    18. Brian says:


      You’re correct about the Constitution. There is no right in the Constitution to not be offended. If you are offended by the fact that singing religious songs about Jesus in public schools is against the law, then it’s too bad. Establishing government religion, which would include Christianity, is unconstitutional.

      Nobody is banning anything from the public or trying to lock Christians in their closets. Christians have the right to put up public Christmas displays on their own property as much as they want. I see Christmas displays all the time. I couldn’t care less what displays people put up on their own property as long as my taxes aren’t used for it.