A powerful reminder of why we must never waver

Andi over at Andi’s World visited Ground Zero recently and blogged her thoughts about what she saw there. She’s provided a strong message of why we must stand strong and not waver in the face of those who would advocate we leave Iraq before the job is done.

She wrote her post on November 28th, with a note that her husband was going to be deployed to Iraq in 24 hours. God bless him, Andi, and you and your family as well and here’s hoping and praying that your husband will return home safely.

Hat tip: Donald Sensing

More: Lisa, the wonderful lady who designed my blog layout, recently visited Ground Zero as well and has a great post up at her political blog Right Voices about what she saw there as well and reminds us that it’s up to future generations to make sure they never let others forget what happened on 9-11. (Thanks for the heads up, PCD)

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