What kind of poll is this??

Columnist Ann Coulter recently had to cut short a speech she was making at UConn because of jeering, boos, and heckling. Apparently sometime during the speech when all this was going on, Ann made the comment “I love to engage in repartee with people who are stupider than I am.”

Now, AC is a very controversial figure, but no matter your opinion of her, this poll that CNN has taken is without a doubt one of the dumbest polls I have ever seen taken: “Who’s stupider: Ann Coulter or Jeering UConn students?” What the heck? Is this the kind of juvenile polling we can expect from CNN here on out?

32 thoughts on “What kind of poll is this??

  1. Nice to see the strong commitment to diversity and freedom of speech the leftist college types have. Just declare anything you don’t like to be “hateful” and you can stifle their free speech rights without feeling remorse!

    Just watching this kind of behavior points out ever so elegantly why fascism always grows out of leftist/socialist soil.

  2. Tommy in intolerant NYC by a mile and a half is stupider.

    I wonder how these hateful students would fare if they were tossed from UCONN for being intolerant hate mongers.

  3. The students are not too bright I must say, but the poll is just stupid!

    Is the reaction of the students an indication of how they treat guests in their home? I would say so. Not too bright.

  4. 😆 both ms.coulter and the students were stupid. sister toldjah is right that has got to be one of the dumbest polls i’ve ever heard of. I was just screwing around earlier with my crack on ms. coulter

  5. Maybe it is a poll to secretly determine what percentage of the US is stupid? Whoever takes the poll is stupid, and whoever doesn’t is smart…


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  7. =)) Sure you were Tommy :) I think you were totally serious and once you started thinking about it you realized how bad it made you look. Nice Try tho.

    I agree CNN should be the 3rd choice on that poll. I was hoping I could write it in. What abunch of infantile idiots. Yet somewhere someone is saying how we should be respectful toward the left.

    I remember when Ann was on Politcally Incorrect/Correct. Everytime she tried to say something the crowd would boo her down. Finally pooh for brains Mauher calmed the crowd and let her say something. All she said is Thank you Bill for proving my point about liberals. LOL Amazing how the more things change the more they stay the same. – Lorica

  8. Jeering is not the worst she (and other conservatives) has gotten. She now travels with a bodyguard after having pies thrown at her while speaking at the Univ. of Arizona (2004). The two guys were prosecuted.

    Remember when a woman in Chicago said, “You suck!” to Slick Willie as he walked by, and he had his security guards arrest her? If she’d tossed a pie at him, I wonder what would have happened to her.

  9. I remember that Bach. I also know about the pie’ing. But last I heard was that the DA in Arizona dropped the case. Due to the fact that Ann didnt show up for a court date his office never told her about. – Lorica

  10. I ought to be used to it by now, but it still disconcerts me how quickly persons of tolerance and diverstiy drop their professed principals when faced with the threat of somebody they disagree with speaking publicly.

    Great job of stifling Ms. Coulter’s dissent. So thay what happens in George Bush’s AmeriKKa, huh?

  11. Jeez… howcum I never spot typos when I preview? Okay, feel free to add me as a third choice on the poll.

  12. Her own medicine, eh? So she’s out there shouting down people, trying to silence them, eh? I don’t think so. The very champions of free speech are the ones trying to shut her down.

  13. “Her own medicine, eh? So she’s out there shouting down people, trying to silence them, eh? ”

    She did say the NYT should be bombed. But I’m not referring to what you’re referring to.

    She’s calling people stupid, and gets a stupid poll about it.

  14. I heard Coulter tell some interviewer (Drudge or O’Reilly) that she did not think the pie throwers would be prosecuted even though she had informed authorities that she would go back to AZ to testify.

    However, on 11/05/2005, news reports indicated one pie thrower had pleaded guilty to “misdemeanor assault” and been fined $250, ordered to pay ~$900 in restitution and put on probation. The other thrower has not yet been tried, I guess.

  15. “She called stupid people stupid, what is wrong with that”

    Nothing wrong with the poll either. They’re made for each other.

  16. Andrew lied by saying, “She did say the NYT should be bombed.

    You should start reading new sources of info. :(|)

  17. – BTW Does anyone else see this leftwing effort to silence the right voices as an indication of weakness in position and ideologies, aside from being exactly the opposite of what the left always screams at everyone about “tolerance and freedom of speech”…

    – Defeatist and weak and seeking to suppress debate of any kind. Now theres something to lead the mainstream voter to get on board.

    – Bang

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