‘Supporting the troops’ – Sheehan style

Mother Sheehan has gone international, and no doubt has made the rabid anti-war contigent very happy with her version of supporting the troops in Britain:

“This is the 21st century – killing is barbaric,” she says on a taxi ride from Heathrow into central London, having just flown in from New York. “I don’t buy into the fact that George Bush and Tony Blair can’t be called terrorists because they are elected officials. This occupation of Iraq is killing innocent people by the thousand.”

She also doesn’t put the blame for her son’s death on the terrorists who killed him:

“I don’t blame the people who killed Casey but the people who brought us into this, who lied and deceived the world,” she says. “But the anti-war movement is growing at all levels. Congress is starting to talk about bringing the troops home and you never saw any of that before.”

Wonderful, eh?

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