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Posted by: ST on January 31, 2006 at 8:57 pm

I won’t be liveblogging it (putting together a TV stand tonight) but I am going to be watching it. Michelle Malkin has a list of bloggers who will be liveblogging it so if you can’t get to a TV, check out those bloggers or visit CSPAN for a video link.

Consider this an open thread to share your comments on the speech. I’ll be back once I get done putting this thing together (assuming I still have all my fingers … LOL).

Update I – 10:46 PM: Here’s the AP’s write up on the speech. The transcript of the President’s speech can be found here and if you’re interested, here’s the Democratic response – given by Virginia Governor Tim Kaine.

Update/Sidenote II – 10:51 PM: I finally got the TV stand put together \:d/

Update III – 10:55 PM: Blogger/punditry reax: Mark Steyn, Captain Ed, Glenn Reynolds, La Shawn Barber, California Conservative, AJ Strata, Austin Bay, Matt Margolis (who did a fantastic job liveblogging), Pardon My English, John Hawkins, Alex Nunez

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  • 26 Responses to “SOTU liveblogging”


    1. Baklava says:

      Hey! Get to work! :d

    2. Baklava says:

      Cindy Sheehan was removed before the speech because she tried to unfurl a banner already according to Fox News.

    3. Baklava says:

      Being detained but not arrested…

    4. Lorica says:

      SOoooo is Bak live blogging in your place Dear???

    5. Baklava says:

      No. We are!! What a team huh?

      Brit Hume said, “Spicy Democrat” about Sheila Jackson Lee

    6. Baklava says:

      He should ask for a wipe like “Monk” now. :)

    7. Baklava says:

      Whoa. “Radical Islam. Perversion of the faith.” He said it.

    8. Baklava says:

      More new jobs than Japan and the European Union Combined (4.6 million in the last 2 years)

    9. Baklava says:

      I can’t believe the lack of class of Tim Kaine’s speech…

      Too much lack of class to type about.

    10. CSM says:

      “In a time of testing, we cannot find security by abandoning our commitments and retreating within our borders. If we were to leave these vicious attackers alone, they would not leave us alone. They would simply move the battlefield to our own shores.”

      Chew on that bone for a while, Steve. Peace

    11. Baklava says:

      He made the accusation about cutting funding for student loans…:(( NOT TRUE

      Accused the “White House” of cutting Medicaid funds… NOT TRUE

      Accused Bush of wanting to cut Veterans benefits (which have increased EVERY year) KAINE’S accusation ISN’T TRUE


    12. sanity says:

      The President asked for the Patriot act to be voted back into place.

      He hit every point I hoped he would with it, explaining how it worked,emphasizing that it is INTERNATIONAL, and even adding into how it was used by previous presidencies…

      Though they panned over Mrs Clinton and she had a smile on her face, not sure if she expected it (which she should have) or the Democrats have something planned as a response to this….

      Curious question though, does the President have epilepsy or was it just the glare of the lights, because he really did seem to blink more than I have normally seen someone blink. Not trying to rumor, just simple curiousity on something that struck me as strange.

      He even outlined slightly that troops will begin to withdraw from Iraq, but it will be the decision of hte commanders and generals in the field and not politicians in Congress.

      There was a couple of nice subtle slaps at Congress and those who ‘say’ they support the troops.

      I do wish he was a bit more forceful on some of his statements, he is doing decent on speech but wish he was more ‘lively’, more forceful on some of his points, like he was trying to gte his point across.

    13. Jack Deth says:

      You’ve got to hand it to Harry Reid or whomever decided to give Kaine the Democrat’s Response to President Bush’s superb speech.

      Kaine offered NOTHING that we all haven’t heard ad nauseum since 2001.

      Looking for all the world like a wind-up doll that channeled Kerry’s lame, empty, You’ve-Got-To-Be-Kidding Me! Debate “Plans”. While sounding even more boring and senseless than Al Gore.

      Though many, many FReepers did make fun of Tim’s scary eyebrow(s) :d


    14. benning says:

      Ahh, but it would have been funny had Sheehan unfurled that banner over the rail, then flipped over said rail onto a Democrat below.:d

      Ahhhhhhh …..

      Well, maybe not hilarious, but good for a chuckle. ;)

    15. (reposting this Big Bang Hunter post from another thread — ST)

      OT Alert – Just finished watching the Presidents SOTU address (twice). It was a good strong presentation, better than usual from a delivery standpoint for Bush.

      – Interesting from the broad range of areas and issues he covered, but even more interesting watching the Dembulbs antics during the address and the aftermath comments by the loons of the left.

      – The Democrats stood and applauded themselves when Bush mentioned they had blocked his efforts to bolster Social Security. I trully think they’ve lost their minds.

      – Its obvious that the Dem gameplan is a simple minded two stepper.

      1) Don’t waste time trying to generate useful alternatives to any of Bush’s positions. Theirs to few Dems in the House and Senate to get anything through anyway, other than the usual “riders” and log rolling, so why bother.

      2) Attack every single plan or idea that the Reps and Bush put forward. 24/7/365. Don’t give him ANY credit on a single thing. Attack from every direction, and keep repeating the same screeds over and over. We may take a hit once in awhile, but its more important to paint the Conservatives as bad guys with bad ideas so we can do the old “throw the rascals out” ploy come election day. That way we do not have to have a party plan.

      – I think this is not going to be a good year for the Liberalcrats….

      – Bang **==

      Posted Feb 1, 2:32 AM

    16. omapian says:

      The democratic response featured a Governor, not a member of congress, who wanted programs to be measured by their results, not just their promise, knew the power of working together, and ended with “God Bless America.”
      I guess there was no democratic member of the current congress who would use those in front of a national audience.

    17. The Sheehan Express rolls on –

      – Unguided Mother Missile has cast off the shackles of lessor PR mortals, and their insufferable dragging down of her matriarcal omniference with their petty little minds and pitiful “rules”…. WITH A PARTING OF THE NEOCON SEAS AND THE CLAP OF THUNDEROUS ANTICHRIST LIGHTENING SHE ALONE CAN LEAD YOU FROM THE SMOOTHERING RUINS OF RELIGION INFESTED FASCIST SOCIETY INTO THE BELL CLEAR WARMTH OF THE MARXIST WATERS….

      (DNC Party secretary: Would someone get a f****** muzzle on that crazy b*tch… One Dean in this place is already more than we can manage…”

    18. omapian – The entire Dembulb Congressional body politic has been warned by their NARAL/ACLU/Soros/Kos/ sponsers that any unwarrented public utterence of phrases such as “God bless America” or “working together in the common good” would be disasterous to the party’s financial health…

      – Bang **==

    19. Lorica says:

      I was pretty torque’d when the Dems stood up and applauded the Social Security reforms that the president offered up. I like the idea of private accounts and owning my money. After working for 40 years my Dad died at age 58 and after paying into SS for all those years my mom got a check for 255.00 bucks. Yippee Skippy. My Mom is now 65 and she has to continue to work in order to pick up his full benefit from SS, as she is a Government Employee. Once she retires, it all ends pretty much. I can’t wait until the elections are over and more Dems are gone. Then maybe we can get somethings reformed for the good of all. – Lorica

      Ohhh and Tim Kaine’s response I turned off after 5 mins, as he was just stupid. He should fire his speech writer and try using some original thoughts for once in his life.

    20. Baklava says:

      This one is TOOO FUNNY!