SOTU liveblogging

I won’t be liveblogging it (putting together a TV stand tonight) but I am going to be watching it. Michelle Malkin has a list of bloggers who will be liveblogging it so if you can’t get to a TV, check out those bloggers or visit CSPAN for a video link.

Consider this an open thread to share your comments on the speech. I’ll be back once I get done putting this thing together (assuming I still have all my fingers … LOL).

Update I – 10:46 PM: Here’s the AP’s write up on the speech. The transcript of the President’s speech can be found here and if you’re interested, here’s the Democratic response – given by Virginia Governor Tim Kaine.

Update/Sidenote II – 10:51 PM: I finally got the TV stand put together \:d/

Update III – 10:55 PM: Blogger/punditry reax: Mark Steyn, Captain Ed, Glenn Reynolds, La Shawn Barber, California Conservative, AJ Strata, Austin Bay, Matt Margolis (who did a fantastic job liveblogging), Pardon My English, John Hawkins, Alex Nunez

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