Milbank taken to woodshed for Cheney stunt

Remember this stunt from the Washington Post’s Dana Milbank? Deborah Howell, the ombudsman for the WaPo, writes this morning that Milbank “was taken to The Post’s version of the woodshed and told not to do that again.”


What was interesting about what she wrote was on the issue of what type of reporter Milbank is. is under different management from the print version of the post. She writes that at the, he’s listed as an opinion writer but that the editors at the print edition “do not consider him an opinion columnist.” Howell, however, does consider him an opinion columnist. But if you look on the’s opinions page and click on the down arrow underneath where it reads “Opinion Columnists” Milbank is not listed.

Isn’t that something? It looks like the two editions of the Post (print and online) are just as confused as to Milbank’s status as we are. That’s the problem with so many of today’s reporters: too many of them appear to be more opinion columnist than objective reporter. It’d sure be nice if they could agree he was an opinion writer, because that’s exactly what he is.

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