David Beamer, father of Todd Beamer, on the Flight 93 movie

Posted by: ST on April 27, 2006 at 9:47 am

He says now is not too soon to see a movie about Flight 93, and that the producers of the movie got it right. He also includes a reminder in what he wrote for none of us to get complacent – and that the movie shows just why we should never forget … and never surrender – to those who want to take our freedoms away from us:

There are those who question the timing of this project and the painful memories it evokes. Clearly, the film portrays the reality of the attack on our homeland and its terrible consequences. Often we attend movies to escape reality and fantasize a bit. In this case and at this time, it is appropriate to get a dose of reality about this war and the real enemy we face. It is not too soon for this story to be told, seen and heard. But it is too soon for us to become complacent. It is too soon for us to think of this war in only national terms. We need to be mindful that this enemy, who made those holes in our landscape and caused the deaths of some 3,000 of our fellow free people, has a vision to personally kill or convert each and every one of us. This film reminds us that this war is personal. This enemy is on a fanatical mission to take away our lives and liberty–the liberty that has been secured for us by those whose names are on those walls in Battery Park and so many other walls and stones throughout this nation. This enemy seeks to take away the free will that our Creator has endowed in us. Patrick Henry got it right some 231 years ago. Living without liberty is not living at all.

The passengers and crew of United 93 had the blessed opportunity to understand the nature of the attack and to launch a counterattack against the enemy. This was our first successful counterattack in our homeland in this new global war–World War III.

This film further reminds us of the nature of the enemy we face. An enemy who will stop at nothing to achieve world domination and force a life devoid of freedom upon all. Their methods are inhumane and their targets are the innocent and unsuspecting. We call this conflict the “War on Terror.” This film is a wake-up call. And although we abhor terrorism as a tactic, we are at war with a real enemy and it is personal.

There are those who would hope to escape the pain of war. Can’t we just live and let live and pretend every thing is OK? Let’s discuss, negotiate, reason together. The film accurately shows an enemy who will stop at nothing in a quest for control. This enemy does not seek our resources, our land or our materials, but rather to alter our very way of life.

I encourage my fellow Americans and free people everywhere to see “United 93.”

Be reminded of our very real enemy. Be inspired by a true story of heroic actions taken by ordinary people with victorious consequences. Be thankful for each precious day of life with a loved one and make the most of it. Resolve to take the right action in the situations of life, whatever they may be. Resolve to give thanks and support to those men, women, leaders and commanders who to this day (1,687 days since Sept. 11, 2001) continue the counterattacks on our enemy and in so doing keep us safe and our freedoms intact.

Read the whole thing.

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  • 7 Responses to “David Beamer, father of Todd Beamer, on the Flight 93 movie”


    1. “There are those who question the timing of this project and the painful memories it evokes.”

      – Aside from the family members who lost loved ones that day, I wonder who among us would try so hard to forget it ever happened, and contend this film is “too soon”. Tends to really throw cold wakeup water on a certain “There is no WOT” crowd, doesn’t it.

      – Bang **==

    2. camojack says:

      I’m definitely planning to see it… **==

    3. Baklava says:

      I personally don’t understand why it can’t be that people simply have an opinion about it being too early for the movie. If that’s your opinion SO BE IT. YOU DON’T need to try and prevent anyone else from seeing it.

      Thanks for sharing the opinion if you do share it but leave others be. We don’t need you looking out for us.

      It’s like the one statistic a few years back where 51% of Ford Expedition owners were single people without a family. What would people NEED with an SUV that big? Status? Well maybe. If people want to be stupid enough to make the poor decision to WASTE their money on something that depreciates a few thousand dollars when they sign th edotted line and then pay MORE at the pump than everyone else because their gas mileage is poor then let them be. People should have the freedom to be rewarded for having personal responsibility and see the consequences to poor choices. We don’t need government to step in and help people not be stupid.

      If people want to make this movie and watch this movie then so be it!! I for one will be one driving my minivan to the theater for this one.

    4. Jack Deth says:

      There are those who question the timing of this project and the painful memories it evokes.”

      Geeeeeee! :-?

      I wonder if those whining that “United: 93” is “too soon” are the same ilk who raved about “Farenheit 911”? :-?

      I’ve a feeling “United:93” is going to sell very well at the Box Office and rake in even more money in DVD! \:d/


    5. Jack Deth says:


      Check out Michelle Malkin’s “Vent” about “United:93 at http://hotair.com


    6. forest hunter says:

      The only problem that I might have in seeing it, is that sort of thing gets my blood up. I take that kind of crap very personal and channeling that energy becomes increasingly difficult to restrain. Especially the longer we tolerate those haters of the USA here in America, that STILL continue to support and defend terrorists. Worse, is that too many of these traitors are drawing wages from every and all levels of our government.