Jerry Springer and Randi Rhodes reactions to Zarqawi news

Was just watching the replay of the O’Reilly Factor and Bill played some clips of Scare America hosts Randi Rhodes and Jerry Springer downplaying to the max the good news about the killing of Zarqawi by US forces. I don’t have a transcript to link to (maybe someone will have it tomorrow) but Springer essentially said that “we” (meaning the US) had killed more people in Iraq than Zarqawi ever did. Rhodes acted like we’d built up Zarqawi ourselves into something he wasn’t and more or less said the same thing Springer did.

That’s “supporting the troops” – far left style.

Update: Here’s what’s on Rhodes’ site about today’s news:

Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is dead. Bush’s #1 boogie man in Iraq has been killed in an air strike. So the war’s over, right? No. Well, the majority of the killing and violence must be over, right? No. Does anything really change? No.

The war in Iraq is primarily a civil war coupled with an insurgency pushing back against those who invaded and now occupy their country. Al Qaeda wasn’t in Iraq until Bush blew it up. And now they have a new martyr to bootÒ€¦one who was built up by Bush himself.

It’s BUSH who is the real enemy here and don’t you forget it! Bush CREATED Zarqawi!!!/moonbat font

Friday AM Update: Expose the Left has the audio as well as the transcript (emphasis added):

JERRY SPRINGER: We never should have gone in from day one. Now, and I understand, tens of thousands of people have been killed because we choose to go into Iraq. That is true. We killed a hell of a lot more people just by decision to go into Iraq than ever died at the hands of Zarqawi.


RANDI RHODES: Even the White House Press Secretary says this today at the press briefing. He says if you look at some of the al-Qaeda memos to Zarqawi, where you had direct leads, will you please stop beheading people, it’s bad PR. I think you have to say to yourself, my God, al-Qaeda is telling Zarqawi to cut the crap with the killing of Iraqis and yet we haven’t cut the crap with the killing of the Iraqis.

Hat tip: Hot Air


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