Hollyweirdo of the week – and a salute to old-style masculinity

Posted by: ST on July 8, 2006 at 5:40 pm

The ST Hollyweirdo of the week award goes to actor Ethan Hawke, who, in light of the war in Iraq (which he opposes) and seeing the President in a cowboy hat and boots, urges men onward to a ‘new kind’ of masculine identity:

London, July 8 (IANS) Actor Ethan Hawke has criticised US President George W. Bush’s decision to go to war in Iraq and feels American men should re-think the concept of masculinity.

Hawke said Bush’s attempt to be a big man prompted him to go to war, reported contactmusic.com. He said: ‘I’m from Texas. I love cowboy hats and riding horses. No American idealises all that more than I do. But when I see George W. Bush walking around in his cowboy hat, I feel it’s time for some new kind of masculine identity.’

Hawke urged American men to re-evaluate their masculinity because he fears that the men who took the country to war are misguided.

‘Masculine identity has been ruling the world for a long time. You could make a case that it was needed at one time to keep people safe, build buildings, make roads and conquer nature. But that masculine thing has also led us to war. Men like to fight. But, because of globalisation, I think, in some fundamental way, ‘Might makes right’ is over.’

Dunno what Mr. Hawke’s idea of “new masculine identity” would be (in fact, I don’t want to know) but I can say personally that I currently enjoy the “old”-style masculinity – and here are some examples:

Lance Cpl. James Blake Miller - the Marlboro man in Iraq (AP/L.A. Times, Luis Sinco)

NC Cop and friends

Toppling Saddam - (AP)

John Wayne

President Reagan

Dubya in the flight suit

Any questions?

Would you like to show your support for old style masculinity? Then please trackback to this post with photos (or linking to photos in the comments) of manly men – photos that would no doubt give Ethan Hawke and others like him a serious case of the elitist intellectual eye-rolls ;)

Sun AM Update: Sounds like Time has been listening to Ethan Hawke: they’ve declared an end to “Cowboy Diplomacy” – I beg to differ!

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  • 41 Responses to “Hollyweirdo of the week – and a salute to old-style masculinity”


    1. NC Cop says:

      Alright, that’s it.

      S.T., I can now die happy, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

      You put a pic of me in with the likes of George W. Bush, Ronnie Reagan, The Duke, and (my personal heroes) U.S. soldiers!!!!!!!!!!!

      As for Ethan Hawke, I actually thought he was pretty cool after “Training Day”, guess that’s another Hollywood Liberal that I will have to put on my list of “do not watch” on tv, or in the movies. The list seems to be growing rapidly unfortunately.

      Does anybody know what Keifer Sutherland’s politics are? If he’s like his old man I may be devastated because “24” is one of the greatest shows I’ve ever seen!!!!

      I remember when I read about Denzel Washington. From what I heard his donation was enough to build an entire new Fisher House.

      Read about it here:

    2. NC Cop says:

      Darn it, let me try that again.

      Read about it here:


    3. I knew you’d dig that, NC! :D

    4. Lorica says:

      Is Ethan Hawke trying to get a role in the brokeback mountain sequel??? Good Lord it is the pansies that have gotten us into these problems. It takes real men to clean them up i.e. Ronald Reagan cleans up Carter’s utter failures, GW is cleaning up Clinton’s little messes around the world. I don’t know how these people can say this stuff with out rolling on the floor in laughter at the stupidity of it all.

      Nice picture NC. Seems to me those guys on either side of you are actually friendly. I thought according to the MSM that there were no friendlies in Iraq. Those guys look pretty friendly. – Lorica

    5. Dave in CO says:

      NC – I heard a radio interview with Keifer and I don’t think he’s conservative. He didn’t come out and condemn the behavior of his character but said he wouldn’t act that way in real life. The way he said it makes me think he feels Jack Bauer is wrong. I wouldn’t put him in the same category as Alec Baldwin but he’s not a Bruce Willis.

    6. What a fool!

      I used to like Ethan Hawke, the actor, like in Gattaca, but he is not surprisingly another Hollywood idiot.

      The new masculinity? According to who? Hollywood? So men will become metrosexuals with cute hairstyles, wearers of the latest clothing fashion, users of hand moisturizing cream, and a sympathizing attitude towards gays, lesbians, and multiple partners?

      Good men are fine as they are now: responsible men who exhibit manliness because they grew out of being appeasing little boys.

    7. forest hunter says:

      “You could make a case that it was needed at one time to keep people safe, build buildings, make roads and conquer nature. But that masculine thing has also led us to war. Men like to fight.”

      No pre-dispositions here folks. Move along, nothin’ ta see here.

      Ignorant of multiple facts he crashes the gate, spewing crap as though it were the stuff that schemes are made of. :-w Oh hang on!

      The bubble of reality that insulates morons like him, is certainly far from opaque.

    8. Severian says:

      Liberals hate “manly” men because, by and large, they are effete, inefectual, cowardly wimps. They are constantly afraid, are basically young children at the core who desperately want to be protected from reality and mothered by the state. The idea of rugged individuality scares the panties off them. Deep in their cores, they realize that they are wussified wimps, cowards, with no spine beyond what it takes to cut the tires on Republican get out the vote vans or show up in large union groups to scream at and intimidate very small numbers of conservatives (remember the brave union thugs ripping the pro-Bush sign out of a little girls hands and tearing it up during the 2004 madness and making her cry?). They rightly know that “real men” (and I’d expand that to say “real women” as well) are more honorable, courageous, and trustworthy than they are, and that eats at their core, so they have to denigrate real men in order to try and feel better about themselves, rather than grow a pair and try and accomplish something useful. Far better to tear down than build up.

      Just look at how many act. When caught red handed doing something dishonorable or bad or just plain stupid, a real man (and real woman) will own up to it, say “Look, I screwed up, I’m sorry” and then take whatever lumps are required. But do the libs? From the Kennedy’s (take your pick, the “swimmer” or his drunken, car crashing relation), Cynthia McKinney, Ward Churchill, pick any of them. When caught with their hands in the cookie jar, stealing, plagiarizing, recklessly endangering others, or even when they murdered someone, it’s never “Oh man, I screwed up and realize I’m not worthy.” No, it’s “I’m going to stay and run for office again!” or “It’s a sure sign of racism!” or even most recently, when caught with a major boner about Indians and 7-11’s, “I wasn’t quoted right, it was taken out of context.”

      We all know who we respect, people who when they screw up, and everyone does sooner or later, has the dignity, honor, sense of ethics to say so and if it’s bad enough remove themselves from public office. The weak, the wimpish, the whiners, who constantly blame all their problems on others garner little respect, because you know in times of crisis they will be walking over your head on the way to the life boats, they think of no one other than themselves, and have no shame. The liberals are the kind of people who would dress up like women in order to grab a place on the last remaining lifeboat. Self sacrifice isn’t their strong suit.

      Real men, Ronald Reagan, John Wayne, Gary Cooper, Jimmy Stewart, Charlton Heston, my my how Hollyweird has gone downhill. From real heros to sycophantic butt kissers with ego problems. Chuck Yeager, George S. Patton, and one of my personal favorites, a man who’s enemies even respected and liked, Robert E. Lee. If you ever want to read up on how a “real man” should act, read Lee’s writings. Also, my personal favorite of all time, one of the best “real men” in history, Cincinnatus. A Roman landowner and general who was given a 6 month absolute dictatorship of the Roman Republic in order to repel an enemy invasion, who was so organized and strong willed he mustered the forces and repelled them in 3 weeks, and then walked away from over 5 months of unlimted, legal power to return to his plow, to return to the life of a simple farmer.

      We need more men like them.

    9. Marshall Art says:

      Real men. Do we ever need them now! God have mercy on us should the lib men regain power.

    10. forest hunter says:

      Those are lib males, I think, Marshall.

    11. Phil says:

      I beleive that there is more to it than just saying it’s liberal or it’s hollywood, look back in the 30’s and 40’s there were many hollywood actors who went to war, no in fact I beleive that all this stemed from the 60’s generation, the Anti-Vietnam crowd, look at John Kerrys statements in 1971 in front of Congress when he denonced the definition of heroes, the 60’s has been the major contributing factor to what happened to this country and you may or may not like it but Ann Coulter’s book was correct that Senator Joe McCarthy was correct that a lot of Communist infiltration was done back in the late 50’s early 60’s. Look at now how the Liberals of today almost glorify the definition of socialism, no I tell you it’s all from the 60’s generation, many leftists have gone so far to the left that they are more than socialistic they are almost in the realm of Nihalists. I am not happy to say this but look at the amount of infuence that the Comunism has had a hold on this country. For example back in 1929 was it when the ACLU CEO ( Baldwin ) was a profound Comunist, all this started long ago but it has gotten a bigger foot hold on to our society since the 60’s. Then the Liberals of the 60’s era new that this was happening but instead of defending our country back then they instead decided to demonize Senator Joe McCarthy. The left never wants to debate against pure facts, instead if they are confronted with facts what is the first thing they do, they bring out the Racism comment and start demonizing the Conservative.

    12. Sean M. says:

      Hmm…who knew that Ethan Hawke was actually one of the Crab People?

    13. MagicalPat says:

      Let’s not forget, Ethan Hawke is a man who wears make-up for a living……

    14. camojack says:

      Those are lib males, I think, Marshall.
      Comment by forest hunter @ 7/8/2006 – 11:52 pm

      Exactly. The word men implies more than mere maleness… [-x

    15. RW says:

      Attention gentlemen, the guy who let Uma Thurman (Ms. Natural D-cup) slip from his grasp because of his personal dalliances is giving the rest of us men advice.


      He can’t even keep his babe but he wants to tell the rest of us how to be a real man. Who next, Hugh Grant?

    16. Jane says:

      Strong women like manly men.

    17. Lorica says:

      /flex :D

    18. Jo says:

      I’d love to put a picture of my favorite “man” on the net, but alas, the SGM hates his picture taken! :)

    19. Beth says:

      Got some more for ya, ST, but I guess the trackback didn’t come through for it. ;)


    20. Dunno why the trackback didn’t come through, but I’m glad you posted that link in the comments – What a fine specimen of manly goodness he is :) Here’s a brief post I wrote about him late last year.

    21. Radish says:

      John Wayne and Ronald Reagan! Those men remind me of my grandfather, who died when I was too young to appreciate him. I remember watching John Wayne movies with him, and he taped every Reagan speech off the TV (on a cassette recorder–love the 80s!), and his heroes became mine.

      Now, if only I could meet a man like that only closer to my age…and who liked tall smart women. Sigh.

    22. benning says:

      So many of the past – so-called ‘Greatest Generation’ – served in the Amred Forces. You all know that James Stewart served in the Army Aircorps, and stayed in the Reserves after WWII, reaching the rank of Brigadier General. (Good Lord! That was the stammering all-American actor that was a real life General!)He was awarded a medal – I think a few of them! Audie Murphy, who was not an actor until after the war ended and traded on his fame for a career in Hollywood. He was a bad actor, but an unbelievably brave soldier!

      Don’t forget one of my favorite actors: James Garner, everyone’s favorite Maverick! He served in the U.S. Army in Korea and was awarded a Purple Star. He also was a Merchant Marine – unsung, brave sailors.

      The following generation tended to do little. Henry Fonda – brave veteran, that he was, sired nobodies. Peter who was a mediocre actor and director, and Jane. Jane we all remember as a solid actor and treasonous creature who posed with the viscious VietCong during the VietNam War while American soldiers languished in North Vietnamese prisons being tortured.

      What went wrong? My guess is the education system failed all of us as the Socialists took solid control of U.S. Education, and brainwashed the American children of the last generation into a soft, whining, silly group.


    23. The picture is supposed to be representative of the brave American soldiers serving overseas – not just one man. Of course, even had I made that explictly clear to begin with, you’d have probably had something negative to say about that, too.

    24. Steve M. says:

      Your first visual example is the “Marlboro man.” Apparently you missed the news that he took $15,000 from the public for a wedding, then filed for divorce three weeks later. Yeah — what a man!

    25. CZ says:

      Is his real name Ethan Hawke?~:>

      I bet he changed it from his real name (something like Percy Lovebottom) in order to have it appear manly on a marquee.<):)

    26. beth says:

      Jane said: ‘Strong women like manly men.’
      That’s right!!!

      Lorica said: /flex :d

      Jo – my beloved curmudgeon is the same way – he won’t let me put his pic on the blog [-(

    27. JohnHolliday says:

      You want Cowboys? We Remember Cowboys.

      This one is my personal favorite.

      I guess Ethan Hawke’s idea of masculinity is Phil Donohue, John Kerry, and Alec Baldwin. Oh, yeah. That’s the group I want watching my back. What do these idiots think? That if we just disband the military everyone else will just leave us alone?

      My father (from Arkansas) flew 30 missions in B-17s over Germany, served a year in Korea and sent two sons to Vietnam. Both came home. Never knew his political leanings but I know he had a lot of respect Truman and Eisenhower. Reagan, too.

      As a country, you have to know your place in world politics. Since the United States sends more of it’s youth to fight and die for freedom in places most people don’t even know exist, I believe we’ve earned the right to say we’re in first place! Theodore Roosevelt said it best, “Speak softly, but carry a big stick.”

    28. I’m diggin’ it, John :)

      Beth, enjoyed your contribution at your blog as well – not sure if my comment made it through or not, but wanted to say “thanks” in any event :)

    29. Lorica says:

      That big stick was an aircraft carrier strike group by the way :D – Lorica

    30. forest hunter says:

      ST: Did you acquire a new Steve? Same as the old steve. But unlike the S on Supermans chest, this one has M for……Beuler, Beuler.

    31. toni says:

      I love your selections for ‘real men’ but I’d like to add another: LINK

      I also have a couple of contrasting pics of rides for the metrosexual male vs the masculine man.