Got religion?

Posted by: ST on July 15, 2006 at 10:58 pm

Lorie Byrd examines some of the latest election-year tactics from the Democratic party as they continue to try and gain some understanding of the values of voters, with an emphasis on religious values. 

Next to their varying Iraq war stances (most of them against), this has got to be one of the dumbest moves I’ve seen the Democrats pull in years.  To paraphrase: ‘Let’s check bumper stickers in neighborhoods which will help indicate the religious values of potential voters.’



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9 Responses to “Got religion?”


  1. Severian says:

    ROFL! That’s great, read bumper stickers to attempt to understand the people in a neighborhood! =))

    I guess that makes sense to your garden variety liberal Democrat, people who’s idea of really taking a stand against something is to slap a bumper sticker saying “Bush Lied” or some such drivel on their aging Volvo or new Prius. Far better to just do that than attempt to actually understand an issue, Dems are showing the great nuance and depth they bring to every issue. If an idea/concept can’t be reduced to a bumper sticker or t-shirt, liberals can’t manage to summon up enough critical thinking skills to understand it.

  2. Big Bang Hunter says:

    – Didn’t we read somewhere the Dummycraps were setting up a bunch of focus groups to train Liberals on how to talk to Christians. Seems like I remember something like that. Never heard the results from it. I can imagine it would be something along the lines of teaching a pig to tap dance.

    – Bang **==

  3. Dana says:

    As always, our Democratic friends are seeing the symptom, but can’t deal with the cause; they’re looking for a hangover remedy instead of thinking that maybe it ain’t such a good idea to get stinking drunk.

    Dr Dean and his groupies want to learn how to talk to religious people, to persuade religious voters that they aren’t demon-spawn. By being polite, they just might be able to convince those religious voters that they aren’t the sons of Satan, but that doesn’t mean they will persuade religious voters that their policies are any good or in the interest of religious voters.

    Senator Kerry was our first Catholic nominee since 1960, but it was obvious that, for Mr Kerry, Catholicism was just a habit, what he chose to do some Sunday mornings — and he lost the Catholic vote, something that the Democrats normally win.

    Why? Because Catholics could see that he wasn’t really Catholic. We weren’t voting for a label; we were voting for Catholic values, and those are things completely alien to Senator Kerry. And the more frequently we attend Mass, the more likely we were to vote for the Methodist, George Bush.

  4. Lorica says:

    Yes to those in the know, this new phoniness is just a load of hooey. Like Bill Clinton and his Bible. When’s the last time we seen him carry that again?? – Lorica

  5. Dana says:

    The last time he attended church with his darling bride, of course!

    I think that was sometime in 2000.

  6. benning says:

    That certainly explains the Democrats’ shallow understanding of Christianity, Judaism, and, most especially, Islam! A shallow party of surface concerns for the ‘poor’ and the ‘disenfranchised’.

    They are so lost it’s almost sad! :d

  7. Big Bang Hunter says:

    “When’s the last time we seen him carry that again??”

    – Hard to hold a bible while you’re playing with a bra strap or a zipper I would imagine… >:)

    – Bang **==

  8. Dana says:

    Of course, she’s up for re-election this November, so they might make another appearance or two. And if she does run for president in 2008, we’ll see the two of them together, Bible in Mr Clinton’s hand, lots of times.

  9. Lorica says:

    I Soooo wanted to see Guiliani run against her and kick her tushie right out of the Senate, and New York. One has to wonder how long it would be after she loses that she would move out of NY?? – Lorica