A new meaning to the term “voter incentives”

Posted by: ST on July 27, 2006 at 6:13 pm

Drew McKissick at the Conservative Outpost has a column posted today that talks about a ballot initiative that will be voted on this fall in the state of Arizona. It’s something called the “Voter Reward Act”:

The state of Arizona is making a play for the distinction of implementing one of the absolute worst ideas ever in promotion of good citizenship.

With the ostensible goal of increasing interest in voting and thereby voter turnout, Arizonans will be faced this November with what is known as the Voter Reward Act. It is a referendum that would create a million dollar lottery which would be awarded to one randomly chosen voter drawn from the rolls of those who cast a ballot in any given election. In other words, bribery.


All of this doesn’t even begin to address the issue of how “interested” we truly want those who cast ballots to be. Do we really want the participation of those that don’t care enough to register to vote? Or people who just don’t want to wait in line at the polls on Election Day?

And do we really want people to vote who otherwise wouldn’t do so unless they were bribed with a shot a million dollar payday?

Citizenship isn’t just about rights and benefits. It’s also about responsibility. Our problem is that we have too many politicians who want to coddle people into forgetting that fact.

It goes without saying that what should motivate voters is not a ‘cash reward’ but instead a desire to have an active voice in what’s going on in our government. It shouldn’t take a chance at a million dollars to get people interested in voting.

This ballot initiative will be one to watch in November.

Here’s more info on the Proposition 200, more commonly known as the Voter Reward Act.

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10 Responses to “A new meaning to the term “voter incentives””


  1. Drewsmom says:

    How utterly pathetic — bribing em to vote with a long shot to win a lottery. Thats whay there is a low turn-out here in the US cuz we have som totally ignorant voters as citizens.:(:-w

  2. Marshall Art says:

    Need I even guess as to the party affiliation of those who proposed this detestable idea?

  3. benning says:

    A new low for the American voter. This is even dumber than monetary incentives for good grades in school. Stupid, stupid, stupid!

  4. Ron Goodwyne says:

    I have said for years that low voter turnout is NOT a problem. It is a natural way to weed out those who don’t know what’s going on or don’t care. In fact, I think too many people vote now! I’d support a law saying that only those who actually pay taxes can vote. Why should people who don’t pay taxes have a say in how taxes are spent?

  5. Severian says:

    God save us from uninformed, stupid voters. And this will bring the idiots out in droves, if it works at all, all it will bring out are the people too stupid to understand math.

    It’s easy to tell who got ths started, it just had to be the Democrats. Heck, they paid people cigarettes and crack in order to vote last presidential election, who else would think of bribing the proletariats and plebians to vote by offering them a lotto ticket. 8-|

  6. Severian says:

    I agree Ron. In ancient Athens, only property owners could vote.

  7. Stoo says:

    That’s how we started too, Severian.

    I choose to look at this optimistically:

    Just imagine how silly this will look when the very first winner turns out to have died years ago…

  8. Severian says:

    Just imagine how silly this will look when the very first winner turns out to have died years ago…

    =))Outstanting Stoo!

  9. Drewsmom says:

    Sev, I love your little laughing guy, where you pick him up?

  10. Severian says:

    He’s in the smilies listed here, you just have to hit the “more >>” link at the end of the list of smilies above the comment window and he’ll show up!