No wonder Carter was such a fan

Posted by: ST on July 27, 2006 at 7:36 pm

Jimmy Carter has refused to call Hamas a terrorist organization, and now Carter’s former Chief of Mission to Iraq Ed Peck won’t call Hezbollah a terrorist organization – but compares WWII veterans to terrorists.

You know what they say about birds of a feather …

Check here for updates on what’s happening in the conlict between Israel and Hezbollah.

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  • 9 Responses to “No wonder Carter was such a fan”


    1. Marshall Art says:

      More evidence of the stupidity, moral confusion and ignorance of the left. I’m insulted to know that any news organization would give this shithead the time of day. Particularly in light of your Cosgrove posting. Shameful.

    2. bindare4u says:

      Just another example of the liberal disease which is a total lack of moral clarity. Every thing is so nuanced for them only America and republicans are evil.

    3. benning says:

      Just disgusting what these people have come to.

    4. Drewsmom says:

      Yall, we all know jimmah is as loose as a goose.:d

      Drewsmom, please post off topic items in the open thread. Thanks. –ST

    5. Andy says:

      As if we need more proof that Carter and his gang were idiots.
      The unfortunate reality is from their droppings have spawned the Howard Deans and Cindy Sheehans of the world.

    6. CZ says:

      Birds of a feather alright. This kind of bird > > > ~:>

    7. hdw says:

      Idiots. I wish I was older so I could have had the satisfaction of voting against Carter in 1980.