Jame Hamsher’s 15 minutes of shame

Little Green Footballs has posted the photo of Senator Joe Lieberman in blackface that was originally posted at the Huffington Post by popular uber-lefty hate-Bush blogger Jane Hamsher. As you’ll see once you click on the link to the HuffPo piece, the doctored photo is now gone.


Michelle Malkin has up two posts up explaining what Jane Hamsher is all about. Here’s a hint.

What I want to know is:

Where’s the condemnation????????????

Update: Malkin’s still on the case, and dissects Hamsher’s response to rightie outrage over the doctored pic of Lieberman. Ha.

Thurs AM Update I: Tom Maguire notes that this story has now been picked up by the bigs in media: the WaPo and the NYT. More via the NY Sun.

I wonder if this will be the Lamont campaign’s Wellstone memorial-turned-political rally moment?

Thurs AM Update II: Leon Wolf at Red State is on the same page I am and asks “When will Glenn Greenwald condemn Jane Hamsher?” ;)

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