Some thoughts on Lieberman’s loss

Posted by: ST on August 9, 2006 at 4:16 pm

I’ve been skating around to a few lefty blogs and political message boards and noticed a popular theme of sorts regarding Joe Lieberman, and that is that it’s Joe’s fault the party is so polarized right now, and he only has himself to blame. I responded to one such assertion at a message board I frequent, and I’ll repost it here with modifications to fit the blog:

This is the fault of the Nutcase Intolerant Wing of the Democratic party. The party faithful in CT bumped out virtually the only sane Democrat left in the Senate – why? His biggest sin was that he didn’t hate Bush, and he stood by his vote in favor of the Iraq war. Let’s not mention the fact that he actually has criticized Bush on a number of occasions regarding how things are going in Iraq – he just chose not to flavor his every word with venom and some of the other forms of hateful rhetoric that has become so fashionable for folks in the Democratic party to do. My God – the guy’s a moderate and doesn’t hate Bush. And he doesn’t want to cut and run from Iraq. Therefore,


The funny thing about this is this is coming from people who have complained bitterly about how President Bush has “divided” this country, how “hateful” Karl Rove is, and who exclaim “we need a new tone in Washington!” Yet some of the most hateful, meanspirited, nasty attacks were launched against Lieberman by these same people. Photoshopped pictures of him in blackface, Photoshopped pictures of him on his knees unzipping the President’s pants eagerly, attacks on him because of his support for Israel, pathetic attempts at casting him as an administration shill …. all of this for what? Lamont supporters essentially “Swift Boated” Joe Lieberman. I guess to the far left it’s “ok” to do that as long as it’s liberals who are are doing it.

The Cindy Sheehan/Michael Moore-esque lunatics last night took control of the asylum. If this wing of the party continues to be ‘successful’ (and it remains to be seen how Hillary and others who want to appear moderate will react to Lamont’s win) then I hope it’s a short-lived ‘success’ because the party going far left as it did in CT will destroy the essence of the Democratic party. What happened to all the classical liberals in the Democratic party who actually used their brains?

Maybe this sounds wacky coming from a partisan Republican. But I used to be a Democrat so I still have a soft spot for the few sane members left in the Democratic party. If I still were still a Democrat this year, I’d no longer be one after watching the way the nutters on the left targeted Joe Lieberman because he refused to advocate a cut and run Iraq policy and because he refused to hate President Bush. Michael Moore and some other wackos on the far left are confirming today that Lamont’s win last night should “send a message” to anyone on the left who supported “Bush’s war” – stop supporting it or “your days are numbered.” Pathetic!

There are things my party has done that I’m not proud of, but one thing – thankfully – it hasn’t done is allowed the fringe fruitcakes to take over. The DNC has allowed that here, and I believe now they’ll find themselves in a pickle over what to do next in terms of ‘supporting’ Lamont or distancing themselves from him and his ‘base’. If they throw their full support behind Lamont and his cut and run approach to Iraq, I hope Republicans – and Joe Lieberman – milk it for all its worth.

ST reader Mwalimu Daudi offers his thoughts:

It is the “day after”, so to speak, and the Connecticut Democratic party is in shambles. They have nominated a candidate who not only has little chance of winning in November, but who also blew a big lead going into the Democratic primary yesterday.

As if this were not bad enough, there is the Jim Crow-esque anti-Semitism and race-baiting of the nutroots who ran his campaign. This almost cost Lamont the nomination, and it most likely will cost him the general election, patricularly when it becomes clear that it will hinder Lamont’s efforts among Republicans and independents. Worst of all, the nutroots will see yesterday’s victory as an endorsement of not only their candidate but of the nutroot’s tactics. Do you really think they will tone it down after winning?

This is Lamont’s Catch-22 – the tactics that helped him squeak by yesterday will hurt him in November. If he moderates his views, the nutroots will eat him alive. If he “stays the course” and continues to play to his racist, anti-Semitic base, the majority of voters in Connecticut will wrinkle their noses in disgust. And if it turns out that someone in the Lamont campaign had anything to do with the shutting down of Lieberman’s website, there could be indictments in the near future.

Get ready for the filthiest campaign in history. So far.

Yep. Reminds me a bit of Howard Dean’s rise an eventual fall when running for the Democratic nomination for President.

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Update: John Hawkins has a roundup of quotes from the lefty blogosphere on Lieberman’s loss.

-The AP reports that the DNC is throwing their support behind Lamont.

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  • 14 Responses to “Some thoughts on Lieberman’s loss”


    1. ASDF says:

      “If he moderates his views, the nutroots will eat him alive”

      Not sure what you mean but you should investigate a little more. Lamont is not considered particularly liberal by the left bloggers (nor are a number of candidates they support). So they don’t expect much. As Lieberman (you trust him right?) said, Lamont was practically a Republican in disguise in his previous electoral experience. His “anti-war” stance does not do much to change that since it is no more left than, say, William F Buckley’s position. And I’m not sure how opposing the particular Bush policy in Iraq makes you racist — I’ll defer to your expertise — but it probably doesn’t make you too unpopular. It is, after all, the position of 60% of Americans.

    2. G Monster says:

      I checked out one particular lefty blog. They sure like to use the F-Word.

    3. US Vet says:

      Believing in the system the way I do, the voters have spoken and Joe is out. Do the dems in CT understand that more than likely, Joe will win as an Independent? If Joe does win as an (I), I hope he doesn’t forget who stood by him, Republicans/Conservatives, and who stabbed him in the back, Democrats/Socialists.

    4. Drewsmom says:

      I don’t even go to the dark side blogs cuz unless you give a blood sample you can’t post and if you post and its anything opposite of what they are spewing you get nasty vile emails back, like I got back from Larry Johnson. the x-cia, joe wilson defender.
      Its too scary on the dark side.#:-s

    5. G Monster says:


      I believe you. There are some serious wack jobs out there. The stuff they are saying about Lieberman is awful. And he was one of thier own. It is similar to some of the stuff they screamed at Bush in the past. I’ll admit, most people are here to vent, but there must be some protocol?

      They are already going full steam on Lieberman, and he only decided to go independent today. He’s got a rough 4 months ahead, but hey it’s only 4 months, and the reward at the end is at least another 6 years in the Senate.

    6. Mwalimu Daudi says:

      ASDF – sorry to hear that the button on your mouse is broken. If it was working, you would have been able to click on the links I provided.

      Or maybe you did not do any investigating yourself. Some things the nutroots were not meant to know, eh?:-?

    7. Severian says:

      Excellent points ST and our own MD!!!

      I am really enjoying the outpouring of glee from the far leftists. “We’re number ! Wooo Hooo We Won!!!” This hysteria, this victory dance on meth, all because they defeated not a conservative, not a Republican, but because they defeated a liberal Democrat!

      I guess after having their heads handed to them for 6 years by conservatives, they are desperate for any kind of victory to celebrate, but c’mon…this is more pathetic than their claiming that losing to a Republican by just a little bit was a victory.=))

    8. Mwalimu Daudi says:

      Interesting thoughts by a Democrat.

      But now I guess he is not a real Democrat anymore. A Rovian Republican, in fact! He has broken the faith! Disagreement = Heresy! Let The Great Purge begin!!

    9. Severian says:

      Taranto on “Best of the Web” had a great observation. Remember the “Sore Loserman” t-shirts that were spouting up after Gore/Lieberman bitterly contested the 2000 election results? Apparently the company that sold the shirts still has a bunch of them, and they are selling well to Nutroots Democrats now, since Lieberman is running as an independent! =))

    10. Lorica says:

      Monster that’s cuz they think it’s intelligent to use all them big 4 letter words. =)) – Lorica

    11. Susan Nunes says:

      Almost half of the Democrats voting last night went for Lieberman, so it is not fair to characterize Dems for not “supporting” him.

      Most of the rest don’t really know how much of an empty suit Nutroots Ned really is.

      Regardless, Lieberman should win re-election by 20 to 30 points as Lamont melts down to well-deserved obscurity.

      The national Democratic Party will simply ignore the CT race and concentrate on other races. After all, Joe IS one of them, despite his Iraq stance, and he will most likely rejoin the party next January.

    12. Baklava says:

      I hope you are right Susan that Lieberman (or Republican) wins in the general election.

      Additionally, people characterize people for not supporting when something/someone loses. The PRESS characterized the country as having a tantrum (Ted Russert) in 1994 when the Republicans essentially broke the mostly 54 year Congressional rule that the Democrats had (with Democrat presidents in the mix during those years). It wasn’t by a large margin either. There are other examples of characterizations of this country that I could share. It’s not the point. It’s just people sharing their opinion.

      It is a shame that Democrats didn’t support Joe over the extremist due to the ONE issue. Joe has a 96% liberal rating by groups because he does vote with them on most issues but Democrats couldn’t bring themselves to suppport him in large enough numbers to win.

      Good luck with your blog. The first post I read had a cuss word so I won’t be reading it. Not that I’m a prude. It’s just a symbol that tells me something. Gives me an opinion. :)