Happy Birthday, Mr. Dictator!

Cuban dictator Fidel Castro’s 80th birthday was August 13th. A certain segment of the population in San Francisco, who probably call themselves “progressives”, celebrated the Communist’s 80th birthday in grand fashion. Here’s the report, with photos, from the San Francisco Sentinel.

Make sure to check out the poem written by the Commie Pinko Jack Hirschman, where he introduces a new ‘feel good’ term for Fidel Castro: fidelidad. It’s a spin off of the word “felicidad”, which in Spanish means “happiness.”

Val Prieto, guest blogging at Michelle Malkin’s this week, aptly calls the San Franciscans who support Fidel “Vicarious Communists/Marxists.”

I wonder if Fidel-fans Danny Glover and Harry Belafonte were in attendance at the festivities?

Hat tip: California Conservative

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