Do you think John Mark Karr killed JonBenet?

Posted by: ST on August 23, 2006 at 8:22 am

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He’s awaiting his hearing today.

I’m skeptical that he murdered her, and think (like many) that the reason he’s doing this is because he gets some perverse kick out of being associated with the case (considering he was obsessed with it for years) – what better way to be associated with the case than to ‘confess’ to her murder?

If you think he really didn’t do it, what reasons do you think were behind his ‘confession‘? I know the reason I’ve given is one a lot of others feel too, but I’m sure there are people out there who are speculating that there may be other reasons he’s doing it.

(Thanks to ST reader CavalierX for inspiring me to blog about this this morning – a little birdy told me he may have a post coming up on this very question …)

More: Did you know that at least one person out there seems to believe that JonBenet’s killer is the President? It’s because of the “occupation”, you see. (Hat tip: Allah)

When all else fails: BLAME BUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Weds. AM Update and Bump: As promised, check out ST reader Cavalier X’s post on this: Is Karr ‘Gaming’ the System?

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    1. camojack says:

      I hold an especially deep loathing of any sick freak who sexually abuses babies, and 6 years old is just that. That being said, however, this guy’s story just doesn’t hold H²O.

      I must say though, that being arrested for sexual offenses in Thailand would require an individual to be uniquely depraved, all things considered…

    2. USASamurai says:

      I’m skeptical but………

      They brought him over here, quickly. They may have something we don’t know about yet.

      We will find out soon enough. I will lean towards they have a smoking gun.

    3. PCD says:

      The person who accuses the President of Murdering Jon Bonet is mentally ill. I don’t know why our society allows the mentally ill to roam the streets, and worse yet vote!

    4. Jim says:

      Its possible if he was facing charges and prison time in Thailand, he may have figured the only way out of that, is to confess to a well-known crime, get extradited to the US. Once its discovered that he didn’t do it, do you think he will actually be sent back to Thailand?

    5. Darrell says:

      I think Karr actually believes he did it. He has been obsessed with this case for so long that he has convinced himself that he was actually there Christmas night in 1996. For this case to go forward I think the DA has to have some very compelling physical evidence that actually ties Karr to the crime scene. Without that evidence only someone like Chuck Naifong would try and advance this case.


    6. Dave in CO says:

      The Rocky Mountain News (the most rational of the two dailies) has an article where a handwriting expert claims that he is 99.9% sure Karr wrote the ransom note.


      Of course, he may have been one of the “experts” who verified the phoney Dan Rather/Mary Mapes documents!

    7. Interesting, Dave in CO – what I’m wondering is if they have any fingerprint or DNA evidence. At this point I think that would be the only thing that would convince me of his guilt.

    8. Lorica says:

      Wasn’t Bill Clinton President when Jon Benet died??? Could this guy actually be linking Bill to Jon Benet’s death?? Yes those who live out on the lunitic fringe often see things in the twilight zone. – Lorica

    9. PCD says:


      I followed all the links on this nut. He means GWB. It is not beyond the Kook fringe to try to get Bush lynched on a false charge. And, make no mistake about it, the Kooks want both Bush and Limbaugh dead.

    10. Lorica says:

      I know he means GW, PCD. It is just for the people of “rio linda” out there that I was trying to explain it too. :o) His sign really should read; Lunatic Fringe, Twilight Zone Crazy Ahead. =)) – Lorica

    11. Drewsmom says:

      Who knows, we shall see.
      He certainly is wierd, he was prepping for a sex change to a woman but he prefers little girls?
      If the x-wife can prove he was there in Alabama in 96 its over, the handwriting folks disagree and last I heard there was no DNA found on her or in her.@-)

    12. CavalierX says:

      a little birdy told me he may have a post coming up on this very question

      Nothing like a little gentle pressure, eh, ST? /:)

    13. LOL …well I did want to give you credit for introducing the idea to me, and the rest just sort of ‘slipped’ :d :">

    14. Severian says:

      He certainly is wierd, he was prepping for a sex change to a woman but he prefers little girls?

      I don’t think that is all that uncommon. People like this are definitely messed up and miswired, in ways that make no “sense” at all. I saw a program on transexual/transgender people on one of the cable channels, two people in it struck me particularly. One was a man who had full gender reassignment surgery to become a “woman” and was living with a lesbian, the other was a man who had surgery and became a “woman” who was living with another man who had become a “woman.” WTF? What’s the point? You could live with a woman as a man with a lot fewer hassles, this just boggles my mind. You can be a lesbian trapped in a man’s body just fine as a man, I’ve been doing it all my life! :-"

    15. hdw says:

      I was skeptical to begin with, but I’m more so now. He’s just plain nuts, but not guilty of this crime.

      He’s now worried that wearing an orange prison jumpsuit may taint the jury pool. Personally I think the fact that the he’s confessed, as well as made public statements admitted to killing and raping her may have “tainted” them already.

    16. Tom TB says:

      I used to live in Boulder, and Lafayette Colorado, so I know the terrain. Has anyone placed this guy in the state at the time the murder occured?

    17. Big Bang Hunter says:

      – This entire case went south with the birds the instant the Boulder Chief of police allowed John to intimidate and/or coerce him out of following the proper law proceedures with him and Patsy.

      Reading back over the notes of the entire case, it’s impossible not to see clearly how Ramsey controlled every aspect of law enforcement access to his wife. He needs to thank his lucky stars he didn’t have to deal with a tough old bird. Whether Patsey was or wasn’t guilty, the minute they started obstructing, and not cooperating, and hiding behind a phalanx of Lawers, experts, private investigators, and psychologists, his manipulating butt would have been cooling in the slammer.

      – Karr. He’s a sad, sick joke. This is not going to end up good for the DA. So far not one single piece of evidence, as far as least what is known by the public, has tied this nutcase to the crime. Pretty hard to do the deed if you were 1800 miles away from the scene in Atlanta, and several of his family members have already sworn he was at home that christmas, and attended several family parties.

      – I heard a small idea today by one of the talking head experts on FOX. he said he thinks that Karr’s “research”, and all the time he spent on the net obsessing over the Ramsey case might be part of the puzzle, namely, what in the hell did Karr say to the Boulder detectives that made them want to haul this scumbag all the way from Thailand for?

      – The public have never had access to the full set of crime scene photo’s, but it’s been rummored that over the years a few of them have been leaked by insiders to a few people on the net. I’ve seen a few of the cropped versions. Since Karr was involved in many “pedo ring” net rooms, the shrink thinks he got a peek at some of the photo’s that the cops aren’t even aware have been copied and passed out, and that when he was able to descibe some of the crime scene features from those photo’s, it triggered the police into pulling him in.

      – Best theory I’ve seen so far, because of all the info already available, almost everything points to an inside job, and nothing I’ve seen anywhere even remotely ties this “confessor” to the crime.

      – Bang **==

    18. Felicity says:

      i think he should go to jail anyway. or at the least a mental enstation or somthing. he just dosent seem right. who would confess to that that. 8-|

    19. sean says:

      Karr may be symphatetic with Jon Benet’s parents and could not tolerate seeing these parents as victims and no doubt they are not the culprits and so this immature man seems to accept the guilt
      Sean Toronto

    20. deborah shingleton says:

      Not only did I think he was not guilty for Killing Jon Benet and am so glad the Boulder DA’s office finally got some smarts! I don’t believe he has ever molested a child either.These are thoughts of grandos delusions,He is in need of medication and psychotheorpy NOT JAIL!!!
      I believe that he believed what he said.This man is not meant to be Hounded by the American people,Mental illiness can strike at any time most are not so disabling as what John Karr suffers but even depression is a mental illiness. This is a young man that needs help not condeming! There are no record of him ever Molesting anyone! And more people are into online porn than I care to mention! That crap just fries the brain!(PORN) So lay off people,he seems a kind good hearted young man.He’s 41 and molesters usually start at a much younger age at molesting!
      as far as his young brides they were old enough to know what they were doing and probley were very taken with him.The first wife the blonde is a joke!I was married at 14 and knew exactly what I was doing so I know first hand that she is full of it! Good Luck in Calf. John Karr.This time go Home to your family!God Bless You!
      after looking into alot of reports ,I think the Bouder PD Bouched the investigation,I think Mom tazered Jon Benet for weting herself as a way to get her to stop and she was just too small to take the voltage! I don’t think it was intentional but I do believe it was a cover up well never know because she is dead and had she made a death bed confession it would left John to take the rap and she wasn’t going to do that!John Ramsey isn’t going to admitt to something his wife did! Mind you this is strickly an opionion from all I’ve read on
      and other sites that have saved documents from the original reports! And I believe SBTC is simply, So Bring The Cash!!My opion doesn’t make it so,but this is what I see!

    21. Ashley Shuler says:

      At the very end of the ransom note it says:

      You and your family are under constant scrutiny, as well as the authorities. Don’t try to grow a brain, John. You are not the only fat cat around so don’t think that killing will be difficult. Don’t underestimate us, John. Use that good, southern common sense of yours. It’s up to you now, John! Victory. S.B.T.C.
      What does S.B.T.C mean? :-?
      Also, it says: Any deviation of my instructions will result in the immediate execution of your daughter. You will also be denied her remains for proper burial. The two gentlemen watching over your daughter do not particularly like you so I advise you not to provoke them. Did they find out who the two men were?
      were they coworkers that he fired at some point or maybe parents of one of his daughters competions in the pagents…I just want who ever killed her to get busted so bad!…why did Karr say he did it? Was it some sort of sick attention trip?
      I will probably be back on to post more tommarow so peace! :)>-

    22. Ashley Shuler says:

      I really think S.B.T.C means something more then so bring the cash….Its a ransome note (there kind of important) I dont know about you but if I wrote a ransome note I would take the time to write it out unless it was a simple clue…why else would they say that there is a 99 percent chance that the Ramseys arent going to be able to trick him…why would he say that? why wouldnt he put 100 percent so that it wouldnt give them a reason to really think around…I dont know about yall but if it were my daughter and I had a one percent chance…id take it…the whole thing is so fishy….part of me wants to say it was the parents and the other part of me wants to say that who ever it is, there still out there…I hope they catch these basturds and fry them…I know thats terrible to wish on someone but I think they deserve it!:-w [-( I dont know at this point…I have been following this case for a while and I have so many questions and thoughts about it and possible things that could have happened and I just dont know why they would do that to a child…and if it was the ramseys how could they do that to there own child…there six year old baby…:(( this is just so sad…whats wronge with these people!? it bothers me to think that people can gather the nerve to kill someone no less a baby…god! :(
      well I have to go cook dinner, peace :)>-

    23. deborah shingleton says:

      Back 10 years ago I was a working mom,and heard about the case on the news and my instient then was a family member did it! Now 10 years later I am disabled due to health and have alot of time to actually look at the case.This is what I have concluded!
      1-who gets a kidnaping note and calls friends over?
      2-who lives in a million dollar home and starts a search in a basement closet and closes a window in a crime scene?
      3-who with a cop there picks up a child that is obviously dead and tampers with evidence?
      4-Why did Patsey throw up on the carpet?
      5-why did the PD find a book on how to use a stungun/taser and not the weapon?
      6-was was Jon Benet wearing a new pair of Patsey’s panties?
      7-why was the same pineapple on the table that was found in Jon Benet’s small intestines?
      8-Why did the child have taser marks.
      9-why was a suitcase that belong to Burkey near a window with no foot prints leading away from the house?
      10 Why was there no estimated time of death on the corrinors’ report?
      11.Why were the Children at the Christmas party that night not checked for DNA that was under Jon Benet’s fingernails?
      12-Why was Patsey worried about a painting and John about his golf clubs?
      13-Why was there no weapon not found that cracked her skull which was described as a closed head wound?
      14-Why did the Parents of this child hide from the investagators for over two weeks and leave the lawyers to cover?
      15-why did John Ramsey threaten a lawsuit on the DA’s office?
      16-Why did Patsey wrap presents in the basement instead of her master suite?

      Now my anwsers to these Questions!

      I think Patsey found Jon Benet wet from urine,She was angry and Jon Benet was fighting her back,I think Patsey used a stungun on that child more than onece and it was one time too many! Jon Benet fell aganist the bed post at the foot of her bed and fell to the floor dead! You found a reciept for the thin rope that Jon Benet was tied with and the tape,I believe she had used that for her art work she had her sister to retrive!
      It takes 2-4 hours for food to be eaten and get to the small intestines but Patsey says she hadn’t seen Jon Benet since putting her to bed,the only prints on the bowl was Patsey’s!The child had not been Raped but ditigally penitrated perhaps by a golf club?There was a flashlight on the counter with NO finger prints?Patsey says she threwup after hearing of the kidnapping,I think she threw up from what was being done to her dead daughter,carring her throught the house etc.or it may have been fro Jon Benet?
      This woman stated she got up at 5:30 am she put on the same clothes from the night befor which friends said she never does! Put on make up did her hair,washed a Jumpsuit of Jon benet’s looked in her room and figured she was downstairs,she waited for the wash to complete and put the jumpsuit in a bag,she then went downstairs and found the note came back upstairs and showed it to John! She called 911 at 5:52
      So this woman did all this in 22 min. I ask you how long does a wash cycle take?Not to mention everything else she did! The woman is Very good I tell you that! It takes me a good 30 min just to get dressed and a wash cycle is between 20 and 30 min!
      Why would a scard mother and Father call three different families when it at that time was assumed it was a kidnapping and the note said Do NOT call anyone!It was to contaminated the crime scene.Why did John touch Jon Benet and Patsey fall all over her? To Privide an alibi if any DNA was left on the child!Why did Jon Benet have on a pair of Patsey’s panties(new size 14) DNA.How long does it take for the human body to start to decompose about 12 hours for an adult and less for a child and less than in a basement! That would put her death around 12-2am They got home at 10:00 from the party,It took 2-4 hours for Jon benet to digest the pineapple,The marks on the back door could have been part of the stage or when John had to climb in the window!
      The noose was used with one of Patsey’s paint brush handles! And the DNA under Jon Benet’s nails could have come from a confrontation with another child at the christmas party,but they weren’t tested! They stages this scene! They both knew about it and I believe Patsey accidently Killed her daughter! They have mad contriditiory statements even on the Larry King show! The neighbor said she heard a scream about 2:00am and this would have been the right time frame in what I have described.the neighbor also saw a light on about 12:00 and a dim light at 12:00on the 25th.They make stunguns that look like flashlights!Could this have been what Patsey used to check on Jon Benet?Just in case she became combative?Remember the woman was probley having kemo! and depleted of energy to deal with a spoiled child!
      Jon benet had Taser/stungun marks on her body and hand from the Pics I’ve seen on and the today show pics.
      The reports I have read said the same heart evidence from the autopsy report could have been from a stungun or stranglelation both.
      I don’t think Patsey would make a deathbed admission of guilt because it would impliment John as acessery.And Now that she is dead John isn’t going to take the rap for something his wife did!But maybe I have given you enough to reopen the case against them and you can check into these things!
      I have attached some Pics of the stungun marks from Jon Benet and online the flashlight stungun and the bedpost at the foot of the bed!

    24. Ashley Shuler says:

      I’m skeptical that he murdered her, and think (like many) that the reason he’s doing this is because he gets some perverse kick out of being associated with the case (considering he was obsessed with it for years) – what better way to be associated with the case than to ‘confess’ to her murder?

      If you think he really didn’t do it, what reasons do you think were behind his ‘confession‘? I know the reason I’ve given is one a lot of others feel too, but I’m sure there are people out there who are speculating that there may be other reasons he’s doing it.

      Sister Toldjah wrote this and my answer to that is that Karr confesed to it because of his charges in Tywan…I dont think he wants to face jail time…I think he wanted the death sentence so he wouldnt have to suffer…Im just glad the turned around for the worse on him…peace:)>-

    25. L. Templeton says:

      My oponion of the Jon Benet case is still strange. I llike many other people think Patsy killed her. I think that she caught John molesting her and went to hit him with whatever, and hit Jon Benet by accident that is what caused the head injury. The stun gun marks were done prior to her death to keep her quiet while she was being molested. I think like many others in this case that the crime scene was contimated on purpose. John and Patsy Ramsey should have gone to trial for this murder and the people of the State of Colorado should have been able to either convict them or not. Who knows what really happened? When the Boulder DA had John Karr arrested they were jumping the gun. I think the Boulder DA should have to pay the State back for her one minute of fame, she’s as bad as John Karr. But what do we do but wait. If I was the mother of John Karr’s sons I would go into the witness protection program and have my sons undergo hypnoises and never let them know who their father was. John Karr is a freak of nature!