Do you think John Mark Karr killed JonBenet?

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He’s awaiting his hearing today.

I’m skeptical that he murdered her, and think (like many) that the reason he’s doing this is because he gets some perverse kick out of being associated with the case (considering he was obsessed with it for years) – what better way to be associated with the case than to ‘confess’ to her murder?

If you think he really didn’t do it, what reasons do you think were behind his ‘confession‘? I know the reason I’ve given is one a lot of others feel too, but I’m sure there are people out there who are speculating that there may be other reasons he’s doing it.

(Thanks to ST reader CavalierX for inspiring me to blog about this this morning – a little birdy told me he may have a post coming up on this very question …)

More: Did you know that at least one person out there seems to believe that JonBenet’s killer is the President? It’s because of the “occupation”, you see. (Hat tip: Allah)

When all else fails: BLAME BUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Weds. AM Update and Bump: As promised, check out ST reader Cavalier X’s post on this: Is Karr ‘Gaming’ the System?

(Original posting date and time: 8/22/06 at 9:23 AM)

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