Sidarth the victim gets a whole story devoted to him at the WaPo

Posted by: ST on August 25, 2006 at 1:40 pm

Fresh off of yesterday’s WaPo piece that strongly implied that the man Senator George Allen called “macaca” is a ‘victim’, comes this piece. We find out what a stellar guy he is in a three page article:

S.R. Sidarth had built an impressive record of achievements for such a young man: straight-A student at one of Fairfax County’s finest high schools, a tournament chess player, a quiz team captain, a sportswriter at his college newspaper, a Capitol Hill intern and an active member of the Hindu temple his parents helped establish in Maryland.

And how he was “thrust” into the spotlight after this oh so unfortunate incident:

But for all his achievements, the moment that thrust him into the national spotlight this month came when Sen. George Allen (R-Va.) called him “macaca.”

Sidarth, when not doing whatever he can to get Allen’s Democratic opponent James Webb elected, is still apparently deeply troubled by the incident:

The remark stung the young man of Indian descent. What hurt more, Sidarth said, was when Allen gave him a sarcastic welcome to his own country, his birthplace even. It was too ironic, he thought. “I was born and raised in Fairfax County, and he’s from California,” said S.R. Sidarth, wearing khaki shorts, a yellow short-sleeve shirt and flip-flops a week after the incident during an interview at the campaign headquarters of Allen’s opponent, Democrat James Webb.

The rest of the piece is designed to point out to us what a wonderful guy Sidarth is and how, because of that, he didn’t ‘deserve’ Allen’s remark:

The full name of the suddenly famous 20-year-old is Shekar Ramanuja Sidarth. Following Indian custom, he goes by his surname. To some of his friends, he is simply “Sid.”

He returned this week to the University of Virginia, where he is a senior majoring in American government and computer engineering.

Before college, Sidarth lived a somewhat typical, but distinguished, Fairfax County life. He attended the elite Thomas Jefferson High School, where he had a 4.1 grade-point average and scored 1550 on his SATs. He was a member of the chess club and the Spanish Honor Society and participated in the quiz show “It’s Academic.” At 6 feet 4 inches tall, he also played defensive end, tight end, punter and kicker for the school’s football team.

Understand that? He played football for crying out loud, an All-American sport. How could Allen possibly have confused him for a non-citizen?

I really can’t stomach quoting anymore of it. It goes on to talk about who his family is, quotes friends about how his family instilled in him strong values, etc etc.

My question is: WHO FLIPPING CARES?

Allen has apologized about 500 times while Sidarth still supposedly has ‘questions’ (uh huh) about why it took Allen ‘so long’ to call him personally, and today we get a three page WaPo piece telling us all about a Democratic staffer ‘thrust’ in the spotlight who just happens to be a hard-working, swell guy. You’d think the guy’s last name was Plame or something.

If this isn’t an obvious display of the media trying to milk this story for all it’s worth by trying to keep it alive, I don’t know what is.

Update: Dan Riehl exposes some hypocrisy on the part of Sidarth. Surprise.

Update II: Even more from Dan.

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21 Responses to “Sidarth the victim gets a whole story devoted to him at the WaPo”


  1. Not to mention the fact that the dude got into a high-demand class off the publicity by writing a three-word essay. No writing skills necessary, apparently. Seems to me he owes Allen a thank-you note.

    And one has to wonder, how bright can a person be if he is willing to pay for a class with Sabato, anyway? Even setting aside what the guy actually has to say, he’s always saying it ad nauseam on TV for free!

  2. chick pea says:

    who cares?
    Macacas care.. and yeah I WAS BORN HERE..

    Allen is a bigot, racist, or just plain idiotic noose bearing, confederate flag bearing senator…

    wake up and smell the macacas allen… because we will not remain silent.

  3. Dan Riehl says:

    Oh, it gets worse.

  4. Ryan says:

    Hmm, sounds like he might want to “stfu” about now.

  5. Baklava says:

    uh. When is the media going to care that they have been lazy and losing readership due to their lack of due diligence. Too many examples to put in ONE page over the last 10 years.

    I used to always talk about the Press/Democrats (same thing) in 1995 for 5 months straight talking about the Republicans going to cut Medicare by 270 billion. Most in American thought due to the lying Media/Democrats that the Republicans were cutting Medicare by 270 Bilion. The bill called for INCREASES not decreases in spending of more than 49% or 7% per year.

    The drive by media do not have a conscience anymore.

  6. Baklava says:

    chick pea,

    You sound like you are full of hate. Where do you stand on something that matters like “preferential treatment based on race”?

  7. Severian says:

    Hey chick pea, how do you feel about Robert KKK Byrd? Your little diatribe identifies you as exactly what you are complaining about, a bigoted, racist, hateful, overbearing, whiney little crybaby who likes to paint all Republicans as evil racist white men. Grow up and stop relying on race as a crutch or bludgeon and join the rest of us who don’t care and are movin forward.

    If you have the gumption and competence to stand on your own two feet and not use racism as an excuse for whatever behavior you want to do. No no, I didn’t really want to call Allen a (*^#$^&&, it’ just that “his” racisim made me do it! That’s a hypocritical, weak person’s excuse. So, are you an adult, or a child? Are you weak, or do you have what it takes to stand up and make your way on your own merits.

    I’m doubting you do.

  8. sanity says:

    Where do you stand on something that matters like “preferential treatment based on race”?

    You mean reverse discrimination?

  9. forest hunter says:

    chick pea: “…….we will not remain silent.”

    I don’t know how old you are but for over a quarter century, the laft has been anything but silent. In fact, it has become increasingly noisy. So much so, that their constant whining about the enormity of anthills goes unheard. Much like the rest of the nations spoiled brats incapable of producing a positive action. Stories like these are as tough and full of air, as marshmallows.

    If you’re wandering about in deep weeds and wish to see what lies ahead, try standing on a pile of marshmallows as tall as you are high or a knee high rock. See for yourself which one is more effective.

  10. Welcome to the hot seat, “chick pea.”

  11. Severian says:

    their constant whining about the enormity of anthills

    =))Excellent turn of a phrase forest hunger! ^:)^

  12. Severian says:

    Err…hunter. Damn this interface, the lag coupled with my keyboard makes for some interesting typos. :-"

  13. Severian says:

    I find the “handle” “chic pea” to be horribly sexist. It should be “womyn pea.” Chauvinist pig! :@)

  14. sanity says:

    Severian says:
    “Excellent turn of a phrase forest hunger!”


    Uh huh…

    Sees chicken and peas and got hungry didn’t you Sev….lol

  15. Severian says:

    Hey, doesn’t PETA hate KFC, sounds good for dinner! Ummmm…fried chicken! :d

  16. forest hunter says:

    Stop forest hunger! Feed Cindy another chocolate sheik!

  17. Drewsmom says:

    Good grief, how many times does Allen have to say I’m sorry, this ain’t friggin Love Story for heavens’s sake. He said it enough and the lame stream media outta stop beatin this dead horse.
    There is more important news to report, look at all the crap turning up on airplanes. :-w

  18. “forest hunger”? LOLOL

  19. Well, obviously you flipping care enough to keep write about it.

    Allen apologized because he had to. It doesn’t change he’s a jack-ass who found it convenient to pick on probably one of the few non-white people at the event and make the moronic assumption that because he looks Indian, he can’t possibly be from America, let alone Virginia.

    This would be a non-event if Allen hadn’t said something so remarkably stupid. If you guys knew what you were doing, you’d keep quiet and wait for it to blow over.

  20. Lorica says:

    You know the more I think about this the more it seems to me that this is nothing more than when the MSM paraded minorities thru a NASCAR event hoping someone would take the bait. Sadly Allen took that bait, but it doesn’t make him a racist. It makes him gullable, foolish, and unwise in the ways of the left to make us on the right slip up. But I don’t see a racist. Hell look at his website. There is a picture there with his hand on the shoulder of a young Native American Man. “OMG He can fool the right but he can’t fool us on the left. He’s a racist, because he used a name that we tied a derogatory meaning too.” Yeah he’s a racist, the proof is in this one event. Your thinking is so judgemental, idiotic, pathetic, logically challenged. It is such group think, have you guys ever had a thought that you weren’t forced fed by the MSM?? It will be a sad day in America if the day ever comes when the left comes back into power. – Lorica

  21. forest hunter says:

    AW if reading comprehension were a bigger priority for you, you might take note of the *WHY* this story ever came into being?

    “This would be a non-event if Allen hadn’t said something so remarkably stupid.” (AW)

    chick pea: “…….we will not remain silent.”

    “their constant whining about the enormity of anthills” (fh)

    Actually this isn’t a story, it can be more accurately described as status quo by the leftards in hopes of destruction and waste. A waste of time and energy is all BDS types seem to accomplish.