House Democrats “demand accuracy” on Path to 9-11 docudrama

Posted by: ST on September 6, 2006 at 4:27 pm

Isn’t this rich? They demand it, but they sure won’t give it.

Here’s a sneak preview of “The Path to 9/11”.

In the meantime, liberal bloggers are still outraged


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11 Responses to “House Democrats “demand accuracy” on Path to 9-11 docudrama”


  1. NC Cop says:

    Isn’t it a tad ironic that out of everybody, DEMOCRATS, are calling for truth and accuracy?!?!?!

  2. Garey says:

    I wonder if Sandy Burger’s concern over the ABC disclosure has anything to do with the papers that accidentally ended up in his pants.. Maybe someone at ABC or someone else entirely got there before Burger


  3. G Monster says:

    Sandy Burglar…Can you tell us what you stuffed in your socks? We’d like to know.

  4. Baklava says:

    This is rich.

  5. liberalhomo says:

    You can tell that the extreme right is desperate when they embrace a phony “docudrama” which is riddled with inaccuracies and fails to hold the Bush regime accountable for their refusal to take terrorism seriously before the 911 attacks.

  6. Drewsmom says:

    John Gibson interviewed a demoncrat statagist and he was crazed about this, he keep saying richard clark said this didn’t happen and John said well, he would say it since he objected to one strike to get binladen. They can’t stand the fact that cigar lady monica is in the piece but again John mentioned she played a part in this as a distraction to bill so it should be in, but the guy said no, most of it was lies.
    They just don’t want it shown tha bill was too busy playing with a cigar in the house I pay rent on and had time after time to nail binladen. GO ABC, I’ll be watching. !!!! :(

  7. forest hunter says:

    When will or better yet, will the agenda driven self-serving ever grow tired of creating havoc, as an actual plan to birth a hope, for living a life without havoc?

    There’s no shortage of ladder climbers in the government needing culled out, right down to lowest level employee processing welfare cheat sheets. They are de facto a big share of the problems our country faces. Hope lies in personal responsibility. That commodity needs to be enhanced and rewarded, not the antithesis of it as it has been for far too long……simple but not an easy task to be sure.

  8. Karl says:

    where was their outrage at Far-out 911 ala Michael Moore…..

  9. benning says:


    Won’t they ever shut up? Pleeeeeeeze, shut up!:-@


  10. Marshall Art says:

    Hewitt interviewed the writer and one of the actors today. Sounds to me like this flic spreads the blame, if that’s the right word, around evenly. I think the libs are pissed that as this film speaks to the failures and mistakes in the lead up to 9/11, most of the lead up is on their watch. Poor babies. They’re thinking only of themselves here. The writer didn’t impress me as a finger pointer as much as one who simply listed the events as they occurred. He didn’t leave Bush out of the screw-up equation. And he claims to have had advisors up the wazoo from as many areas as you could imagine. Can’t wait to see it.

  11. Lorica says:

    What is rich is after all the lying news stories, and fake movies, and BS books, the left thinks they have ground to stand on. All these bb brained individuals are doing is adding fuel to the flame. When I first heard about this miniseries, and the station it was on, I thought I will just rent “Flight 93”. But Now I plan on watching and buying this DVD when the director’s cut comes out. All because the frenzy the left have worked themselves into. Thanks Guys. – Lorica