Chris Matthews now finds pLamegate too complicated to talk about on his show

Newsbusters’ Executive Editor Matthew Sheffield had a brief chat with Mr. Matthews last night and asked him why Hardball hadn’t done any shows on l’affaire de Plame since the Armitage revelation. Some background first:

One of the biggest media figures boycotting the Plame story has been MSNBC host Chris Matthews who has yet to mention the scandal at all since the Armitage report broke, a dramatic contrast to the 27 times he mentioned the “scandal” in the five months leading up to it.

Like P.J. Gladnick, I couldn’t help but notice Matthews’s strange flip. So I decided to ask him about it. His answer revealed an animus toward Vice President Dick Cheney and a fear of being asked to answer tough questions himself.

Make sure to read the interview. Matthews’ answers will not surprise you. His responses, in my view, tranlate into: “There’s no get-Rove angle to the story anymore, so who cares?”

Let me know if you get the same impression.

Update 4:30 PM: Speaking of Chris Matthews, here’s a flashback to the Republican National Convention in 2004, when Senator Zell Miller challenged CM to a duel. The sparks start flying about one minute into the interview, and the duel challenge is about three minutes twenty seconds into the interview. I.Love.It!:

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