Inscriptions on Arizona 9-11 Memorial to be reviewed

Posted by: ST on September 28, 2006 at 10:05 am

A bit of good news this morning:

The commission that approved the location for the 9/11 Memorial at the State Capitol will look at controversial statements on the sculpture to see if they should be removed.

Tom Smith, a former Republican lawmaker and chairman of the Legislative Governmental Mall Commission, said the group never reviewed inscriptions on the monument since planning for the project four years ago.

“Never in my memory did we ever question the inscriptions. I felt it was the governor’s project and if it’s the governor’s project you’re not going to nitpick it” he said Wednesday.

It was the “governor’s project” but the governor (Napolitano) is claiming that she didn’t approve of the inscriptions:

Designers — the memorial was designed by the Arizona Sept. 11 Memorial Commission — have said they intended to capture how Arizona and the nation responded to events surrounding the attacks. At her weekly news conference, Gov. Janet Napolitano said she never approved the monument inscriptions.

Then who did?

In any event, at least a review will be taking place – my money is on these inscriptions being removed.


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8 Responses to “Inscriptions on Arizona 9-11 Memorial to be reviewed”


  1. PCD says:

    Another case of watching the responsible Democrat run from Anti-Amierican, Unpatriotic propaganda foisted on the public using taxpayer dollars.

    The AZ governor should resign. Hell, if all the Democrats are calling for Bush and Rumsfeld to resign, then the shoe is now on the other foot.

  2. benning says:

    Removing those idiotic inscriptions is a good step. But it’s hardly enough! It’s time to start scrutinizing the idiots who manage to squeeze their private, anti-American agendas into everything they touch. Enough!

  3. labwrs says:

    I am still just mystified about this..they didnt bother to READ the proposed inscriptions? Isnt that rather like planning a statue but not knowing the subject to be carved? This is just ridiculous and maddening!
    Good coverage Sister T!

  4. Kevin says:

    Benning’s got a good point. Where do these people come from? Why is it so important to them to make America look bad, like they did here, and wanted to do in Southern Manhattan, and to some extent in Pennsylvania?

  5. G Monster says:

    This memorial is way out of line. I think it’s good to have a memorial, but the slogans seem to be anti-U.S.A. What will future generations think of the people of our time?

  6. Lorica says:

    Not just the inscriptions, but look at the shadow this monument is going to leave on the floor. Is that another Islamic Cresent?? What is it with the left and putting cresents on our memorials?? Good Lord these people can’t get down and grovel before these terrorists fast enough. – Lorica

  7. – Kind of puts you in mind of the Saucer all the Liberals hope will come one day and take them away from this terrible planet. Anyone know how to get in touch with the “Greys”. I’d be more than willing to kick in for a sizable bribe to encourage the Galaxians to do it as soon as posible. Oye’

    – Bang **==