Inscriptions on Arizona 9-11 Memorial to be reviewed

A bit of good news this morning:

The commission that approved the location for the 9/11 Memorial at the State Capitol will look at controversial statements on the sculpture to see if they should be removed.

Tom Smith, a former Republican lawmaker and chairman of the Legislative Governmental Mall Commission, said the group never reviewed inscriptions on the monument since planning for the project four years ago.

“Never in my memory did we ever question the inscriptions. I felt it was the governor’s project and if it’s the governor’s project you’re not going to nitpick it” he said Wednesday.

It was the “governor’s project” but the governor (Napolitano) is claiming that she didn’t approve of the inscriptions:

Designers β€” the memorial was designed by the Arizona Sept. 11 Memorial Commission β€” have said they intended to capture how Arizona and the nation responded to events surrounding the attacks. At her weekly news conference, Gov. Janet Napolitano said she never approved the monument inscriptions.

Then who did?

In any event, at least a review will be taking place – my money is on these inscriptions being removed.


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