US Rep. Mark Foley: Good riddance

Here’s the scoop on US Rep. Mark Foley’s (R-FL) decision to step down from the House over rumors he was soliciting sex from an underage (16 y/o) male page.

I read the rumors about the intial charges earlier at RawStory, and like Allah, didn’t want to post about them until they could be substantiated. Looks like now they have been.

MSNBC’s a little behind on this one, and are not as yet reporting that the resignation is official, but I’m sure they’ll have updates on the story soon. They’ve also got a related “where are they now” story posted, which takes a look at those involved in the big political scandals that have rocked DC over the last 30 years.

Update I: Irony watch: Foley was part of the Missing and Exploited Childrens Caucus (hat tip: Hot Air commenter “Valiant”).

Update II: Also commenting: Gay Patriot (who beat me to it on the comparison between this scandal and the one about Rep. Barney Frank from the late 80s), La Shawn Barber, Stop The ACLU, Blog For All, Suitably Flip

Update III: Here are some snippets from AIM’s between Foley and the page.

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