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Where’s the outrage?

We all remember the controversy over former GOP Congressman Mark Foley (FL-16) who resigned in disgrace after it was reported that he had sent lewd instant messages to a 17 y/o page. The GOP ran Joe Negron in his place in an attempt to hold on to that seat, but West Palm Beach Democrat Tim Mahoney, who campaigned in part on a “family values” platform, defeated Negron (whose name was not on the ballot – Foley’s was) by 2 percentage points to go on and represent Florida’s 16th district......   [Read More]

The House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct verdict on how Foleygate was handled: GOP should have done more, and the Dems knew, too

In the interest of time and catching up, I’m linking up to Allah’s post at Hot Air on the news yesterday that the House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct’s official report on Foleygate stated that there was negligence on the part of the GOP leadership in the handling of the complaints about Foley – and that Dems knew about Foley’s conduct, too. .....   [Read More]