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Posted by: ST on October 5, 2006 at 1:23 pm

I’m not at a TV but I just read at The Political Pit Bull that House Speaker Haster was/is holding a press conference at 1 ET today. If you’re like me and not close to a TV, check this link for the video – Greg will be posting a link to the vid as soon as he can.

Update 1:34 pm: Hotline On Call posted a sneak peek as to what the presser was/is supposed to be about:

In a press conference scheduled for noon CT in Illinois, House Speaker Dennis Hastert plans to accept some measure of responsibility for failing to discover Rep. Mark Foley’s misconduct with pages, a House official said this morning. ” He is taking responsibility because the buck stops with him,” the official said.

Hastert won’t resign “because that would be giving into the Democrat party’s best wish,” the official said.

He is expected to make several announcements, including one about revisions to the page program.

Update I: The press conference has been delayed (no video at PPB or HA). However, the AP is reporting on one of the things Speaker Hastert will announce:

Hastert will ask former FBI director Louis Freeh to examine the page system and make recommendations on how to improve program almost as old as the Congress itself. Freeh headed the FBI from 1993 to 2001 during Bill Clinton’s presidency.

Update II: Oh.my.gosh.

Update III 3:15 PM: Greg’s got the video of the Hastert presser posted.

Update IV: Freeh won’t be involved in the investigaton afterall.

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  • 17 Responses to “Hastert press conference”


    1. Severian says:

      Check out the latest:

      IM’s fake!

      If this turns out to be true, I hope the Democrat operatives involved get ID’d and this blows back on them big time.

    2. Severian says:

      Well, if the IMs do turn out to be part of a prank, and this blows back on the Dems, you know what they’ll say:

      It was all a plot by Karl Rove to make them look bad!


    3. Baklava says:

      Hugh Hewitt writes in the same post about Foley overreach:

      A smart move would be for the combined House and Senate leadership to release a detailed understanding of when fence construction begins and where, and when it is expected to be completed. Widespread democratic opposition ot the 700 miles of double-layered fencing underscores the fecklessness of the Democrats on the border issue, even though the fence’s rapid construction will bring the possibility of regularization to the country’s illegal population.

    4. camojack says:

      I’m not a real pervert…I just play one on TV. :d

    5. Baklava says:

      The fact is that even though Foley was goaded he responded sickly.

      That’s my understanding. Foley wasn’t playing and didn’t know he was being played with.

      I’m sad that he was a Republican. I’m gald he stepped down. I await the Dems on William Jefferson’s actions and apology for not making Stubbs step down.

      The evidence that Republican leadership, 2 newspapers and the FBI all saw the same emails (not IM’s – they weren’t released until Friday) and didn’t see anything actionable is not something the Democrats or high minded Republicans should be able to clamor over Hastert’s resignation for. You all considering that just need to pipe down and not throw stones and tell us what in the email (not IM’s – as the FBI, newspapers and leadership didn’t have those) was actionable.

      Confusion is the only way for liberals.

    6. Lorica says:

      I Sent Denny Hastert an email to encourage him that he should not step down. He is a good guy, and what Foley did was not his fault, and the actions that he did take were valid with the information he had. Dems validate this kind of activity, but think they can use it as a weapon just cause the man is a Republican. How many Dems secretly believe that NAMBLA has a right to exist or when was the last time you heard a Dem call that kind of activity repugnant. – Lorica

    7. benning says:

      So this may be nothing than an “Onion”-style crisis? Heheheee! And the Dems were sucked in! Must be great to be sneaky, backstabbing, lying cretins!

    8. brad says:

      I don’t get why a prank makes it better. Undercover cops trap online predators by pretending. its about what the predator did, not the victim. Isn’t there a show on msnbc like this?

    9. Great White Rat says:

      I’m with Baklava. I don’t care whether it was a prank or not. The response was sick and deranged, and Foley’s rightfully gone.

      But now, if a Democrat operative DID know about the IMs, that throws a whole new twist on the case. If I’m reading all this correctly, it was a Soros-funded group, which means this goes to the very top of the donk party. Let’s see if our buddy tom demands mass resignations of Democrat leadership….:d

    10. Baklava says:

      Who’s with me! Charge!

    11. Derrick says:

      Charge, crazy right wingers. I mean every insane theory that you have put out has been dead wrong, but you all smell a rat. I mean everything in this world is against Republicans, so it has to be the Democrats nefarious plot. Soros, Reid, both Clintons, Lyndon Johnson and the Kennedy family have conspired to make you look bad, and there must be retribution. If you can just prove it, it will exonorate all of you and show the world, how DANGEROUS those nasty Democrats are. It’s all working according to plan.l-)

    12. Drewsmom says:

      You can bet your ass the dems were in on this.:@)

    13. Get a hold of yourself, Derrick. Once again, if you’d actually paid attention to what was SAID you’d know that no one is taking up for Foley. The timing and the sources are being questioned, because it’s a MONTH before the election, and you guys will do any damn thing you can to snag control of Congress again. Asking questions is perfectly legit, whether you like the questions or not.

    14. NC Cop says:

      “I mean every insane theory that you have put out has been dead wrong, but you all smell a rat.”

      I know Derrick!! You are so right!! Kinda like the Plame affair, the lowering of gas prices just for the election, the screaming of “fear mongering” everytime terrorism is mentioned, and the theory that Karl Rove is hiding Osama Bin Laden in his basement until election time.

      Oh wait, that’s right, that was the lefties doing that.

      Pot, meet kettle.

    15. “I mean every insane theory that you have put out has been dead wrong, but you all smell a rat.”

      – This from the cult of perpetual outrage that actually believe’s 9/11 was an inside government conspiracy, and says it with a straight face. You just can’t make that sort of feckless idiocy up.

      – After PlameGate, it’s just a matter of time before the Donks figure out yet another brilliant way to fall into Roves traps. It’s not a question of whether, just a question of how and when the Dhimmidorks will snatch failure from the jaws of success in this Congressional election.

      – It occurs to a lot of political pundits, that Liberals are not very good at this politics game.

      – Bang **==