More from the “tolerant left”

Scott Johnson at Powerline has the details on a disturbing incident last night that happened at an event hosted by the Columbia University College Republicans. Here’s a teaser: the event featured a speech by Minuteman Project founder Jim Gilchrist.

What happened within a few minutes of Gilchrist taking the stage will surprise no one familiar with just how intolerant the so-called “tolerant left” really is.

PM Update: STILL more from the party of tolerance. Sigh.

See also: Hot Air, Michelle Malkin,

Speaking of Scott Johnson, he’ll be the keynote speaker at this weekend’s Carolina FreedomNet 2006 conference in Greensboro, sponsored by the John Locke Foundation. I’ll be there, too, on one of the panels, and am looking fwd to meeting Lorie Byrd, MK Ham (Lorie will be on the panel I’m on, and MKH will be on the other panel) and so many others. Click here to see the schedule of events, who will be on the two panels, and to register for the conference. Hope to see you there!

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