National Day of Mass Resistance – PHOTOS


William Teach has a few photos from today’s DOMR in Durham, NC. Doesn’t look like the event was too big a hit, does it? He has a friend in Charlotte who said the DOMR rally in my fair city was a “bust.” Surprising, as the Raleigh/Durham area (as well as Charlotte) are liberal havens.

Click on the photos themselves to see full-sized versions.

I’m sure Malkin will have a blog roundup to photos from DOMR rallies all across the country – I’ll link up to her blog when she posts the links.

Update: Oops – she’s already started posting links. Check ’em out :)

Wow – talk about a moonbat-fest! (Courtesy LGF)


8 thoughts on “National Day of Mass Resistance – PHOTOS

  1. It was disappointing. You would think that the leftie moonbatus’ in that area could do better. Maybe that is why they keep losing elections. And hopefully will keep losing!

  2. It is absolutely terrifying that people can be so ignorant and completely clueless as to history, as well as current events.

  3. This is is getting so tiresome, moonbats with banners and signs, Conservatives with courage and patriotism.**==

  4. I just see it as a circus that doesn’t charge admission, and I wear hearing protection; didn’t anyone ever tell shrill screaming lefties that sound systems pick-up a whisper? Or have they gone deaf!

  5. Moonbats are traitors – and they don’t like to hear that. I wish United States would return to the 60s. Things were much better back then. Only hippies would protest and the good godly Americans would laugh’em off. Now they are getting wayyyy too much attention. This is not a good sign.

  6. After the day I had yesterday at school I should have stayed home….:-w

    Incideltly. our local paper – the one that makes Al Jazeera look tame by comparison – reported that demonstrators numbered in the hundreds. That’s hundreds and not hundreds of thousands, as the editors habitually clain whenever the nutroots gather.

    Probably whoever write the article will lose their job – unless they can learn Photoshop and start churning out fake photos.

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