Both the MSM and blogosphere are buzzing this morning about the rising star of Illinois Senator Barack Obama. Sarah Liebowitz from the Concord (NH) Monitor has a particularly glowing piece about a recent Obama event in NH where he rec’d, according to the article, a “rapturous reception” that “[drew] the kinds of crowds and news media attention usually reserved for a sitting president or a presidential nominee.”

Newsweek has an amusing graphic of a dueling Obama and Hillary which accompanies a Jonathan Alter story about how the 2008 Democratic race for the nomination for president is shaping up between the two of them. Neither one has officially said they’re running, but ‘sources’ (according to Alter) say that there is a 99% chance Hillary will run and an 80% chance Obama will run.

In any event, it looks like the MSM’s man of the moment is Senator Obama. I don’t think this is good news for him, though. He might be getting primo press now, but I remember when Howard Dean threw his hat into the ring for president, the press for him couldn’t have been better – but it didn’t last long, especially after the now-infamous Dean Scream. Enjoy it while it lasts, Senator Obama.

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