Convicted cop killer honored as a ‘hero’ at City University of New York’s flagship campus

Posted by: ST on December 12, 2006 at 1:27 pm


NEW YORK — New York City college students who share a community room named for an escaped cop killer proclaimed their love for the fugitive Tuesday.

Members of seven campus groups at the City College of New York commended the school for allowing them to work in the name of domestic “terrorist” Assata Shakur, now believed to be hiding in Cuba.

“We know that many Black people that fought for better conditions in the 70’s were framed,” the groups said in a statement released to “We consider Assata Shakur to be one of the people who were wrongfully and purposefully framed for her activities.

“And we consider her a hero and role model for standing up for our people and putting her life on the line.”

The Guillermo Morales/Assata Shakur Community Center on the third floor of CCNY’s North Academic Center was named in 1989 for Shakur, convicted in the 1973 murder of New Jersey State Trooper Werner Foerster, and Morales, a former member of FALN, which is a Puerto Rican liberation group that claimed responsibility for a rash of bombings in New York in the mid-1970s.


Students questioned by about the center hadn’t heard about the flap.

Sophomore Carlos Badilla, 20, of the Bronx, wants to know why the center was named after Shakur.

“If it had nothing to do with killing the cop, it’s alright,” he said. “You have to think why she did it, cause cops are known to mess with some people, you know. If she had a reason to do it then I have no problem with it.”


I just watched Fox News’ report about this and they had a member of the board of directors on saying that the name of the ‘community center’ was never approved by the City University of New York BOD and that they will look into having it re-named. The students who spend their time in this ‘community center’ plan on fighting a propsed re-naming.

Related: Michelle Malkin links up to a NY Sun report about a speech disgraced America-hating 9-11 victim-blaming ‘professor’ Ward Churchill made at New York’s New School – to cheers and applause from the 200 students in attendance. Anni Karni at the Sun writes:

An ethnic studies professor from the University of Colorado, Ward Churchill, received a standing ovation last night from a crowd of more than 200 New School students after blaming the 2001 World Trade Center attacks on America’s support of Israel and its sanctions against Iraq in 1996.

In a two-hour speech at the New School titled “Sterilizing History: The Fabrication of Innocent Americans,” delivered without notes, Mr. Churchill traced what he called a pattern of mass murder as American foreign policy from the time of the country’s inception to the events of September 11, 2001, which he said the country was essentially asking for.

Mr. Churchill also called the president of the New School, Robert Kerrey, a former senator of Nebraska, a “mass murder and serial killer to boot” for having served in Thanh Phong, Vietnam. Mr. Churchill also served in Vietnam, an act for which he said he has spent the rest of his life apologizing.

Mr. Churchill received cheers from the audience for comparing Mr. Kerrey to the serial killer Charles Manson. “That’s who you’ve got moral equivalency in the president’s chair at this institution,” Mr. Churchill said. “How about a cage rather than a president’s suite?”

Mr. Churchill was invited to the New School by a student group, the Women of Color. The university was not involved in the invitation.

“We brought him here because he offers a framework in which we can conceptualize the struggles our community is dealing with,” a junior at the New School, Jamila Thompson, said. “A person’s work should be engaged critically, and his work allows us to build broad-based networks with Native Americans, Latinos, and anti-racist whites.”

Regarding the New School, here’s a little history on how they treat sitting Senators who make speeches at their commencements.

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  • 14 Responses to “Convicted cop killer honored as a ‘hero’ at City University of New York’s flagship campus”


    1. MrGreyGhost says:


      I used to go to a CUNY (City University of New York) school back in the early to mid-90s and can recall the heavy liberal presense there especially among the Student Government groups and clubs, so this news doesnt surprise me. College campuses are a prime breeding ground for professors and liberal “activists” to corrupt the heads of young, naive students looking for some sort of direction to make ’em feel like somebody or to make ’em feel like they can make a difference in this world. And along with Che Guevera and Mumia Abu-Jamal, “Assata Shakur” is literally given hero worship in the liberal training grounds.

    2. Drewsmom says:

      This is all just getting so disgusting. I have come to the conclusion that if ANYONE IS UNHAPPY ABOUT AMERICA I will pitch in to help them buy a one way ticket to any other country they want to live in. Get the hell out of my county as I am sick to death of hearing all this blame America and Bush first bs.[-x

    3. NC Cop says:

      Better be careful, this guy might get elected senator or congressman.

    4. – Drewsmom… Several of us thought of that years ago. It doesn’t work. It turns out all these sniveling racist big mouths wouldn’t think of living in all those other countries they “love” so much. Its all about getting press coverage for whatever “flavor of the month” grievence they can dream up, or outlandish accusations they can make to get the press’s attention. the point is to try to pressure politicians to give them more handouts. Pure and simple. Beacuse of the hard work of the Left, they’ll say anything bad about America that will get them a few more idiotarian/racist votes, all these “activist” groups think they can do and say anything.

      – I’m coming to the point where I litterilly hate what the Left is doing to the country, in the same manner I think of Cuba, or China, Chile, or al Qaeda as sworn enemies of America. I see them all in the same light. I don’t know where its all headed, but I do know theres a line, and that the majority of people will just put up with so much.

      – Bang **==

    5. Lorica says:

      You know Bang, I have been dealing with that myself. I see no loss what so ever if these people were just gone. Infact I only see benefits to that. The problem is, now I am thinking just like them, and that my dear friend is completely beneath me. – Lorica

    6. Dana says:

      I see the same kind of bovine feces around here from the supporters of cop-killer Mumia abu-Jamal, who, thankfully, is locked away in prison. Our good friends in France actually named a street after this thug, the Rue Mumia abu-Jamal, in Saint-Denis.

      Sometimes I wonder if any of them, when they finally grow up, are ever going to slap their foreheads and ask themselves, “How could I have been so freaking stupid?”

    7. Mwalimu Daudi says:

      Please excuse me, but I am having a hard time manufacturing any sympathy for former Senator Bob Kerrey in this matter. I remember his career in the Senate, and it was stridently anti-freedom in Central America, anti-Reagan and pro-Communist.

      So what if Kerrey is now feeling the wrath of the moonbats? Ward Churchill and others like him are (in a very real sense) Kerrey’s political bastard children. They deserve each other. Kerrey was quite happy when the hard Left went after conservative Republicans in the 1980s on issues like Soviet imperialism in Central America. I guess he never thought that what goes around comes around.

      Had Kerrey and his ilk prevailed in the 1980s, the Soviet Union would have crushed the life out of the people of Central America. We would today be facing a menace worse than Islamofascism – if we were still around, that is.

    8. Steve Skubinna says:

      Except, MD, that revolutionaries usually turn on each other after the revolution. I admit it’s a lot tidier if they do the internecine ethnic cleansing beforehand, though, and strangle the revolution stilborn.

      The only flaw there is that these cowards are too wedded to their status and comfort. Do you think Ward Churchill would ever risk anything at all for his ideals? Why should he, he gets money and fame without any exertion. While he spouts racist filth about his own nation, perhaps the only nation in the world where he could do that without being incarcerated – or worse – he reaps the rewards of the same citizenship he spits on. He’d lose far too much by actually working to bring about the vile anti-human utopia he worships and his mass murdering heroes practiced.

      Fraud, coward, liar, and buffoon. Well paid and respected for it, too. Face it, it’s the rest of us who are stupid patsies for believing in this country. Here we are, wasting our lives earning a living so would be totalitarian trash like him sponge off out taxes.

    9. Steve Skubinna says:

      Our taxes. Our.

      Darn it, ST,, I wish you wouldn’t stick typos in my posts, it makes me look stoopider than I’m really is.

    10. Steve Skubinna says:

      And lay off the extra commas too, it isn’t funny.

    11. Tom TB says:

      The student said regarding Churchill “his work allows us to build broad-based networks with Native Americans, Latinos, and anti-racist whites”. Fake Indian Ward Churchill IS a racist white man, the self-hating variety!

    12. benning says:

      So this is Higher Education? Drug reference, right? Right??!!

      Gad! What utter stupidity and lunacy!

    13. Leslie says:

      A very intelligent man is

      “Sophomore Carlos Badilla, 20, of the Bronx, [who] wants to know why the center was named after Shakur.

      “If it had nothing to do with killing the cop, it’s alright” he said. “You have to think why she did it, cause cops are known to mess with some people, you know. If she had a reason to do it then I have no problem with it.”

      I.e., the doofus knows nothing about Shakur, doesn’t know anything about the case, didn’t know why the center was named after her, but then he does have an opinion, although his grasp of grammar and syntax are not quite one would hope from a college student.

      Okie dokie.

      As for Wordy Ward Churchill, well I gotta give the guy props. Only other person around who can speak total nonsense for two hours without notes these days, is Fidel Castro–or anyway he could.