Iraqi appeals court: Saddam must be put to death within 30 days

Posted by: ST on December 27, 2006 at 10:45 am

Saddam Hussein was setenced on November 5th to death for his genocidal crimes, and an appeals court ruled yesterday that his sentence should be upheld and that the former Iraqi dictator must be put to death by hanging within 30 days:

BAGHDAD, Dec. 26 — An Iraqi appeals court on Tuesday upheld the death sentence against Saddam Hussein and ruled that the man whose brutal reign began in 1979 and ended with the American-led invasion in 2003 must go to the gallows within 30 days.

It was the court of last resort for Mr. Hussein, who received his death sentence on Nov. 5 from the Iraqi High Tribunal, a court set up specifically to pass judgment on his years in power. No further appeals are possible, and his final legal recourse appears to be a clause in the Constitution stating that the Iraqi president must approve all death sentences.

That clause offers Mr. Hussein only the slenderest of hopes. Jalal Talabani, the Iraqi president, has said he is formally against the death penalty, but he has permitted the hangings of many Iraqis convicted of capital crimes. And the Constitution may be trumped by an article in the charter of the tribunal stating that its sentences may be commuted by no one, not even the president.

The appeals verdict, covering one case involving the execution of 148 men and boys in the northern town of Dujail in 1982, came even as Mr. Hussein was facing trial on charges that he ordered the killing of tens of thousands of Kurds, whose bodies have in some instances been exhumed from grisly mass graves and minutely described in the courtroom.

The decision of the nine-judge appeals court was announced on short notice by the chief judge, Aref Shahen, after another day of the numbing violence that has gradually engulfed this country after the bursts of optimism that followed Mr. Hussein’s fall from power in March 2003 and his capture by American forces in December of that year.

Judge Shahen delivered the verdict to a few reporters assembled at the Council of Ministers building within the heavily guarded Green Zone as the rest of the country settled into its nighttime curfew. There were none of the theatrical outbursts contrived by Mr. Hussein to disrupt the trial and the appeal, because he was not present to hear the verdict.

The judge said simply that the appeals court had approved the verdict against Mr. Hussein, who was formally charged with crimes against humanity, and two co-defendants, who had also received death sentences in the Dujail killings, and that they now faced “execution by hanging until death” within 30 days.

Germany’s Spiegel Online reports that “hundreds” of Iraqis are applying to be Saddam’s hangman:

Saddam’s half brother and intelligence chief, Barzan al-Tikriti, will also hang, and so will a former senior revolutionary court judge involved in the executions. There is no official job of “hangman” in Iraq, and an adviser to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki says the government has not officially advertised for the job. The executioner, moreover, will remain anonymous because Saddam’s execution could inflame tensions in a country where people die every day in sectarian violence.

But hundreds of Iraqis have inquired about the hangman’s job. The adviser, Bassam al-Husseiny, told the US network ABC News that he received about eight to 10 phone calls a day — and 20 to 30 e-mails — by Iraqis who wanted to execute Saddam. The candidates came from all three of the country’s major religions and from all walks of life, he said — from high-level government officials to “the tea boy.”

Leftist groups like Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International have weighed in that they don’t want Saddam put to death. HRW opposes it on the grounds that the death penalty is always wrong especially in cases like Saddam’s where his trial allegedly wasn’t conducted “fairly” and AI opposes the DP because they believe the trial was not free of “political influence.”

Will it be televised? Should it be?

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  • 23 Responses to “Iraqi appeals court: Saddam must be put to death within 30 days”


    1. Leslie says:

      I don’t think the execution will be televised, nor should it be. But I’m sure eventually videos will end up on the Internet.

      The modern-day version of Bob Dylan’s “postcards of the hanging.”


    2. Walter E. Wallis says:

      I would pay to watch it.
      California needs to study 30 days for an appeal and 30 days to execute.

    3. Lorica says:

      Walter there is no money in that for these lawyers. Bada Bing, Bada Boom, the cash dries up after 30 days?? Nooooo We want it to take 27 years, and then on the hopes that someone gets a book deal or a movie deal so that ohhhh so much more money can be made from this poor person who is about to be executed. The logic floors me. It is also un-Constitutional.

      I just pray that Sadamn can find it in his heart to ask for forgiveness and find the Lord prior to his end. Which is an option he didn’t give to his enemies. – Lorica

    4. Steve Skubinna says:

      Death penalty opponents always leave me cold once they move from the general to the particular and adopt a specific individual to champion. You can’t support Saddam’s right to live out his natural life without putting his life in the scales against the lives of his victims, and coming down on his side.

      They elevate the murderer above his victimes, which is grotesque and anti-civilized.

    5. KC says:

      Wonder if his accomplices will get similar sentences:

      ” Reports by the US Senate’s committee on banking, housing and urban affairs — which oversees American exports policy — reveal that the US, under the successive administrations of Ronald Reagan and George Bush Sr, sold materials including anthrax, VX nerve gas, West Nile fever germs and botulism to Iraq right up until March 1992, as well as germs similar to tuberculosis and pneumonia. Other bacteria sold included brucella melitensis, which damages major organs, and clostridium perfringens, which causes gas gangrene.”



    6. KC says:

      I don’t appreciate the censorship, Sister.

      Nice trick though – only allowing the originators of “uncomfortable comments” to see what they posted.

      Cute, if not completely unexpected.

    7. “I don’t appreciate the censorship, Sister.”

      Apparently, you have some reading comprehension probs, KC, so out of the goodness of my heart, I’ll help you out. This is what the section just about the comments box states before commenters post here:

      Comment moderation is in use. Please do not submit your comment twice. If you are new to this site please make sure to read my policy on comments and trackbacks before submitting your comment/trackback.

      What does #1 in that comment policy state? Let’s look:

      1) Comments and trackbacks: Comments should appear as soon as you post them – unless you are new, a troll, a spammer, or have posted something within your comment that has bumped up against my words filter, which means the comment is held in moderation til I get a chance to release it; in that case it shouldn’t take too long before it gets released. Note to newbies: it’s generally bad form to insult the blog host right out of the gate. That usually means what you post will be dumped straightaway. Oh, and please don’t attempt to post here with the name “anonymous” as your post will not go through – that one is a bit overused, methinks.

      Wow! Reading can be informative. Who’da thought?

      “Nice trick though – only allowing the originators of “uncomfortable comments” to see what they posted.”

      Um, that’s no “trick” on my part. It’s a Word Press feature. Don’t believe me? Ask them.

      “Cute, if not completely unexpected.”

      LOL – if you’re talking about your false assumptions about me, I completely agree. Congrats, though, as a first time commenter who started off on the wrong foot you’ve already earned a spot in moderation, which means no comment of yours will appear unless I approve it first. And comments like the first one you posted aren’t “uncomfortable” – they’re actually hilarious, because when someone posts (or attempts to) something like that, I can only imagine the kind of reaction is provokes in regular readers at this blog, and I look fwd to their responses to such comments :)

    8. Tom TB says:

      Saddam should get a last helicopter ride to the region of Iraq where nerve gasses were dropped on Kurdish families; and pushed out to fall below, the populace notified in advance as to not be injured by his quick landing.

    9. Jebster says:

      Too many people who are whining about saddam being put to death forget about his victims…those people he had murdered, tortured, rapped, fed into giant plastic shreaders…sometime feet first for the maximum in terror. Those who defend saddam, in my opinion, are just about as bad as saddam…just as evil.

    10. sanity says:

      A complaint that was about as valid as John Kerry’s support of the troops.

      *rolls eyes*

      Get a grip KC.

      You will find that ST probably has the most open blog around, only censoring if you swear consistently and/or banning if you are threatening violence or other such bannable offenses.

      She doesn’t play games with comments / commenters, unlike some sites, and your disparaging of ST’s integrity is out of line and completely ridiculous.

      Tip: Next time you have a problem, or think you may have a problem in posting, try emailing her first before posting such idiocy. You will find she responds well to normal commentary very well, meaning, don’t act like an ass and you probably will get a better response.

      I too have had some issues with WP and have emailed ST inquiring if there was a problem or if there might be a problem with my posting and it turned out my comment ended up in a spam folder.

      These things happen, so before you jump off the deep end and end up embarrassing yourself, try a simple email inquiring if there might be a problem, without the vitriol and venom added to your automatic assumptions of her her supposed “doing you wrong”.

    11. marcus says:

      As much as I’d like him to hang a la “In Cold Blood”
      there is the sweet justice of having more of his crimes brought to light. Clearly if Saddam is offed now the Baathists will shrug off the single conviction. But if the trial regarding the massacre of up to 100,000 Kurds is allowed to reach it’s obvious conclusion that Saddam would be less of a martyr.
      Besides, why the rush to off the turd? The life of confinement has got to be a living let down for him….

    12. Lorica says:

      Wonder if his accomplices will get similar sentences:

      ” Reports by the US Senate’s committee on banking, housing and urban affairs — which oversees American exports policy — reveal that the US, under the successive administrations of Ronald Reagan and George Bush Sr, sold materials including anthrax, VX nerve gas, West Nile fever germs and botulism to Iraq right up until March 1992, as well as germs similar to tuberculosis and pneumonia. Other bacteria sold included brucella melitensis, which damages major organs, and clostridium perfringens, which causes gas gangrene.”



      Comment by KC @ 12/27/2006 – 4:42 pm

      HAHAHA Funny KC!!! Maybe we should string up Jimmy Carter too for being stupid and allowing an enemy regime to take over Iran. Do you think we would of been looking for an ally in Sadamn, if Iran was still in friendly hands?? Highly unlikely. Matter of fact, I think the whole of the Mid-East was pretty stable prior to that. Israel had kicked everyone’s butts and they were getting tired of looking bad in front of God and Everyone. When was the last war 6 years earlier, and the muslims attacked on Yom Kippur?? Thanks for the Peace Jimmy. Yeah keep blaming Reagan for Carter’s failed presidency. Thanks for your input, but you need alittle more time to think out the whole situation. Ohhh, since Ronald Reagan is dead, should we unbury him to string him up?? – Lorica

    13. Punditguy says:

      I think y’all might be too young to remember the Shah. Yes, he was friendly to America (heck, we helped him set up his secret police and torture faciltiies), but he was the Saddam of his day. Don’t blame Carter for pushing out a murderous, tin-plated dictator — I thought you were all in favor of such things.

    14. Dana says:

      KC: Just in case you don’t believe what our beautiful blogmistress wrote, my site uses WordPress as well, and it, too has an automatic moderation queue. Several things can trigger it, such as an excessive number of hyperlinks included (and the site administrator can set that number wherever he likes, although the default is three or more), as well as specific words or IP addresses. Comment on my site, and the use of practically any words that have some variation of sex in them, and you get dumped into the moderation queue, not because I’m a prude, but because that what the vast majority of Spam® concerns.

      Heck, my own comments frequently hit the moderation queue on my site! But you ought to remember that, once she saw your comments, Sis did release them, even though they were critical of her.

    15. Dana says:

      Punditguy, I’m old enough to remember Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi and his SAVAK secret police, but no, he was not the Saddam Hussein of his day. SAVAK weren’t exactly a nice crew, but the Shah and his minions didn’t kill Iranians by the hundreds of thousands.

    16. geezer says:

      KC vs ST: “Sublime-a in Carolina!” It’s personal, it’s for real, and this time, it’s for keeps!

      Sis, you can always tell you’ve hurt someone’s feelings when they use the phrase “I don’t appreciate…” Kinda like that “you’ve lost the argument as soon as you mention Hitler” thingy, hmmm? Going back to square one: you’re paying for the site, someone wants to comment (at no cost to them) but falls afoul of previously posted rules, and now, of course, it’s your fault. I sure hope the NEA is working net etiquette into Kindergarten curriculums to nip these fractured feelings moments before they get out of hand.

      Oh, and let Saddam dangle before 1 Jan 07, and couldn’t we have Castro toke his last stogie ’round about the same time? As fast as I’d like to see this execrable year in the ground, I’d kick in a few extra minutes or hours of my own life to extend ’06 long enough to make it happen.

    17. American Vet says:

      Thank you for your response to Punditguy. I too, am old enough to remember the Shah but I have done one better, I married an Iranian girl who was born during the Shah’s time, lived through the revolution, and left Iran in 1987.
      My wife and every other Iranian I know (which is many) would love to have the time of the Shah back. The pray for the day this government and its idiot leaders are gone.
      “The Saddam of his day”, wow, Punditguy, are you an Iranian or do you even know any Iranians? Please provide any evidence of crimes committed by the Shah that would compare to the gassing of Iraqi Kurds, the mass killings for which Saddam was just convicted and sentenced to death for, or the invasion and rape of Kuwait.
      True Savak was brutal at times and should have been reigned in, but look at what happened when the Shah was over thrown. Intellectuals, college professors, and media personalities were executed. Women were forced to done “religous” clothing and if they didn’t they were punished (tortured). Basijis roam the street looking for “criminals” and kidnapping them off the street and sometimes their families never saw them again.
      Could it be that these are the very people Savak was trying to deal with and prevent from taking power?
      Do you realize that 70% of the Iranian population is under 30 years old? Do you know why? Because the post Shah regime fought an eight year war with Iraq which gutted the middle ages. So now Iran is really old or very young.
      I could go on all day, but just tell me how the Shah was the Saddam of his time. There is absolutely no similarity.

    18. American Vet says:

      Sorry, it should be “don” religous clothing.

    19. Lorica says:

      I remember those times too. I also remember the crowds of people being run over by the limo that carried Khomeni. Estimates I have read said he killed close to 3000 people a week in his 1st year for disagreeing with him. He had women killed for wearing jeans in public. They had roving bands of people who “enforced” Shari law by force. He took a modern country and set it back to the 7th century. Also if we are comparing then why didn’t Jimmy attack Iran after Khomeni took it over?? It was then considered and enemy state, and had declared war on us?? Talk about bumbling failure Carter’s Security Advisor told him that this was basically a fad. That no country would want to be ruled by 7th century edicts for long. Well, that was almost 30 years ago, and Carter is still to blame for all of it, and this will always be apart of his legacy. – Lorica

    20. benning says:

      Photographs yes, television no. 30 days? Zounds! Do it!