Democratic party attempts image transformation

Newly crowned House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is in the midst of an image makeover. Considering what district she represents, I guess she doesn’t want people to find out just how deeply committed to far left policies she really is. The image of the big bad wolf dressed as grandma in the Little Red Riding Hood story is, for some strange reason popping into my head right about now. I wonder why.

Along those same lines, the NYT has an article published today about “Alpha Male Democrats” which talks about the “carefully cultivated” images of some of the Democratic men recently elected to serve in Congress as part of the new majority. With the left bragging about these so-called “Macho Dems,” we see yet another instance of the Democratic party not really wanting you to see what they as a party are truly all about. I guess we’re supposed to believe that because a few newly elected moderate male Dems who look stronger on national security than the party as a whole does means that the Democratic party’s dismal record on war on terror related issues doesn’t exist or should be swept under the rug. Think again, Dems.

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