Misc. notes for Sunday

First, apologies for the light posting over the last few days. I’ve had a lot going on and my access to a computer has been limited.

Here are some news and notes from around the blogosphere:

—- It turns out the post I wrote about that Kerry photo from a recent visit he made to Iraq contained an assumption that turned out to be an error. It was assumed by me (and a whole bunch of other conservative bloggers) that the troops were avoiding Kerry at the time that photo was taken. Come to find out, two NYT reporters were doing an interview with Kerry, and they deliberately sought out a less crowded area of the mess hall in which to talk. I regret and apologize for the error. I don’t apologize, however, for believing that the troops don’t like Senator Kerry. Considering how he’s badmouthed our military before on numerous occasions, it wasn’t a stretch to come up with the assumption about the picture. Not only that, Michelle Malkin rec’d letters from troops who told her that Kerry was avoided “like the plague” by troops while he was there. So while that particular instance wasn’t one where they were ‘avoiding’ Kerry, there were other instances where they were. While I applaud TPM Cafe for their tireless quests for the truth about that picture, I know that the driving force behind the attempt to disprove the right’s assumptions about it were to somehow try to prove that the troops don’t hate Kerry as much as the right asserts that they do. Well, TPM and other lefties who cling to the hope that Kerry is well-liked, if you’re so interested in facts, you should get used to this one: Senator John Kerry is not well-liked by US servicemen and women in general. That is a fact. I know it’s tough to accept the truth about the guy you voted for to be the Commander in Chief, but facts are what they are. Deal with ’em.

—- The Times of London is reporting that Israel has plans for a nuclear strike against Iran. First things first, thumbs down to the Times of London for publishng this sensitive info in the first place, which will only increase tensions between Israel, the US, and Iran and the rest of the “Arab street.” Blogosphere reaction can be found here. My reaction is this: bravo to Israel for having plans to defend their turf. Iran has made it clear that it does not respect Israel’s right to exist, with Ahminijihad stating not so long ago that Israel should be “wiped off the face of the map” and doubts the Holocaust even happened. Israel’s made it clear before that it was leaving all options – including military ones – on the table, if Iran doesn’t clean up its act. I’m sure the usual perpetually outraged suspects will react in horror at the news of Israel’s nuclear plans against Iran, should they have to go the nuclear route, but hopefully their outrage will be ignored. Israel has the right to defend herself against countries who are hostile to her and her interests, especially those who want to deny her right to exist. Of course, these same people would say that Iran has the right to arm itself with nukes in ‘response’ to this news, but I digress …

—- Speaking of Iran, Jason at Texas Rainmaker has a post up at his site in which he reminds people not to trust the tough talk from Democrats on Iran, considering how tough their talk was on Iraq before they flip flopped on their positions later.

—- The Colts made easy work of the KC Chiefs yesterday in a 23-8 AFC wildcard playoff game victory. Mwalimu’s Cowboys lost yesterday to the Eagles in their NFC wildcard playoff game, thanks in large part to (overrated, IMO) Cowboys QB Tony Romo’s fumbling of the ball during an 3 point field goal attempt by Dallas kicker Martin Gramatica with just over a minute left. The two New York teams play today, with ST reader Leslie’s Jets at New England in a 1 pm ET game on CBS, and ST reader NCCops Giants at Philadelphia at 4:30 pm ET on FOX. Here’s the rest of the playoff schedule.

—- Read about another brave hero from the US military. RIP, Marine Cpl. Jason Dunham.

—- The drama over Saddam’s execution continues. His lawyers are now claiming that Saddam’s body was “abused” before and after he was executed. I can’t really get myself worked up in outrage over this, but “human rights activists” are probably beside themselves with rage this morning over the possibility that it happened. Anyway …

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