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January 14, 2007

Pelosi backtracks on her minimum wage hypocrisy, while Rep. Frank freaks out

On Friday, I blogged about a Washington Times story that talked about how Rep. Pelosi was showing favoritism to a company in her San Francisco district by not including that company – along with all other American Samoa companies – from the new federal requirement she wants to put in place to raise the minimum wage. The WashTimes reports in a followup story that Pelosi is reversing course:.....   [Read More]

Tucker Carlson overreacts?

The Washington Post has a blurb today about a blogger who was fired from his job at a video store because Tucker Carlson felt his family was threatened over something the blogger wrote on his blog about him. The Post left out part of the post (deliberately?) but Patterico has the link and text to what the offending post said, and I have to say I agree with the video store manager who fired the blogger......   [Read More]