Rep. Steve Kagen’s stupidity receives praise at the HuffPo

Steve Kagen, the newly elected Democratic Representative from Wisconsin, who insulted First Lady Laura Bush and bragged of it along with alleged confrontations with VP Cheney and WH advisor Karl Rove (details here) is now being praised by the Huffington Post, where Kagen is now known as a “firebrand.” Lane Hudson at the HuffPo writes:

While semi-insulting them, he also tries to forge a coalition to accomplish something. Absolutely amazing. This is the kind of story his grandchildren can tell generations from now.

Yeah. Insulting the First Lady is definitely something I’d want to brag to my grandkids about.

Now reverse the roles and put Kagen on the receiving end of the insults from Rove, Cheney, and President and Mrs. Bush, and imagine how the Huffington Post (and the rest of the leftosphere) would react. With outrage the likes you’d have never seen before.

Simply breathtaking in its hypocrisy.

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