AP bias on portrayal of Hillary’s announcement of a pres. run versus Sam Brownback’s

Posted by: ST on January 20, 2007 at 7:15 pm

The mediots are in full support mode today after Hillary Clinton’s announcement that she will seek the Democratic nomination for president, on the same day that Kansas Republican Senator Sam Brownback announced that he would be running. New Mexico gov. Bill Richardson (D) is set to announce his presidential intentions tomorrow.

While I was out earlier this afternoon, I was listening to a local music radio station, and at the top of each hour they broadcast about a 2 or 3 minute segement of AP radio news. I listened as their top of the hour story was on the latest politicians to enter the presidential race. They announced Hillary’s run, while quoting her saying she was “in it to win” and they went on for a few more seconds talking about her announcement. They mentioned Sen. Brownback’s announcement right after and the AP correspondent they went to for more ‘in depth coverage’ said the following (paraphrasing): “He is running and he is a conservative” and the way the correspondent said “conservative” you’d have thought he’d just announced his intentions to join Al Qaeda. My mouth literally dropped open at the overt display of bias.

After hearing that, it was no surprise to come home and see the stories from the AP posted on Hillary’s and Brownback’s respective announcements. Here’s the story they did on Hillary (emphasis added):

NEW YORK – Democratic Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton launched a trailblazing campaign for the White House on Saturday, a former first lady turned political powerhouse intent on becoming the first female president. “I’m in, and I’m in to win,” she said.

In a videotaped message posted on her Web site, Clinton said she was eager to start a dialogue with voters about challenges she hoped to tackle as president — affordable health care, deficit reduction and bringing the “right” end to the Iraq war.

“I’m not just starting a campaign, though, I’m beginning a conversation with you, with America,” she said. “Let’s talk. Let’s chat. The conversation in Washington has been just a little one-sided lately, don’t you think?”

Clinton’s announcement, while widely anticipated, was nonetheless historic in a fast-developing campaign that has already seen the emergence of a formidable black contender, Democratic Sen. Barack Obama (news, bio, voting record) of Illinois.

In an instant, Clinton became the most credible female candidate ever to seek the presidency and the first presidential spouse to attempt to return to the White House in her own right. Her husband, Bill, served two terms as president from 1993 to 2001.

“I am one of the millions of women who have waited all their lives to see the first woman sworn in as president of the United States — and now we have our best opportunity to see that dream fulfilled,” said Ellen Malcolm, president of EMILY’s list, which raises money for Democratic women who run for office.

With her immense star power, vast network of supporters and donors and seasoned team of political advisers, the 59-year-old Clinton long has topped every national poll of potential Democratic contenders.

Positively glowing, and no mention of her being a liberal and taking very liberal positions on the issues.

On the other hand here’s how they portrayed Senator Brownback’s announcement (emphasis added):

TOPEKA, Kan. – Kansas Sen. Sam Brownback (news, bio, voting record) jumped into the 2008 presidential race Saturday, a favorite of the religious right now in an uphill battle against better known rivals for the GOP nomination.

“I am a conservative and I’m proud of being a conservative,” he proclaimed.

“My family and I are taking the first steps on the yellow brick road to the White House. It’s a great journey,” the two-term senator told hundreds of supporters. He pledged to fight on behalf of the nation’s cultural values and to focus on rebuilding families.

The 50-year-old Brownback offers himself as a “full-scale Ronald Reagan conservative.”

After Saturday’s speech, he told reporters: “My positions are at the heart of where the Republican Party is. I’m willing to take those positions with all comers.”


The Democratic National Committee issued a statement calling Brownback “a stubborn ideologue who places his own political agenda over the needs of the American people.”

While Brownback touched on a wide variety of issues, he laced his speech with the themes that have made him a leader of GOP conservatives and a strong spokesman in Congress for socially conservative Christians.

“He has a consistency that others don’t seem to have,” said Hollie Cook, a 30-year-old mother of three from Walkerton, Ind., a Brownback supporter who was traveling with her family to Texas and decided to stop for Saturday’s event.

A fierce foe of abortion, Brownback planned to return to Washington to participate in an anti-abortion rally Monday marking the 34th anniversary of the Supreme Court decision that established a nationwide right to the procedure. Brownback also opposes embryonic stem-cell research and gay marriage

The message is clear: run for your lives! A “favorite” of the “religious right” who is a “foe of abortion” and who opposes embryonic stem-cell research and gay marriage is running for president!

Could they possibly be any more obvious?

Make no mistake about it – the media carried the water for Kerry in 2004, and they will do it again with whoever the eventual Dem 08 nominee is, and along the way, they’ll make sure to let you know who their favorites are.

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  • 17 Responses to “AP bias on portrayal of Hillary’s announcement of a pres. run versus Sam Brownback’s”


    1. Mwalimu Daudi says:

      You nailed it, ST!

      It will still be interesting to watch the Democratic side, though. Obama the Empty Suit, Pretty Boy Edwards, the Rt. Rev. Algore and JFK Part II all have their assorted groupies in the MSM, but Hilly the Hun will stomp them all. In Democratic circles the gender card trumps the race card, the “peace” card, the “compassion” card and any other card the others may have hidden up their sleeves. And the Clintons are not known as the filthiest campaigners in America for nothing.

      There is one thing I will particularly enjoy. Because all of the major Democratic candidates are from the Stalinist wing of the party, the Democratic presidential primary will quickly become a tsunami of mud and the MSM will be forced to pretend that their pets are not making a mess. Never forget, dear readers – according to the MSM only Republicans run dirty campaigns. The contest will be called “spirited”, “frank”, “energetic” by the air-heads of the MSM – all dishonest euphemisms for mud-slinging.

      Of course, once the mudslide is over and the Hun is beatified (with the Empty Suit as her adoring sidekick), the MSM will proclaim a new “Era of Good Feelings” in American politics and try to pulverize the Republican candidate for the unspeakable crime of having a pulse.

    2. geezer says:

      I’m pretty sure her “conversation with America…let’s chat” thing is a lift from what Larry Hagman’s character in “Primary Colors” said when he took over from the deceased GOP front-runner. I’ll go back and run it through, just to be sure, right after I do my toenails, solve global warming and ask Rosie O’Donnell out for coffee…

    3. Gull says:

      I cannot WAIT for the dem primary debates. I wonder if contenders will bow to her — fearful of losing consideration for the VP slot or will one have the fortitude to challenge her. I want America to hear her voice rise three octaves as she goes bug-eyed deaniac — speaking of whom (Dean, that is), Hill and Bill were not fans of his a few years back. Reckon she’ll get him replaced as Chair of the DNC?

    4. Rick says:

      First of, I don’t want you to mistaken me for a Clinton supporter because I’m not. I have not made up my of who to support. I actually like to hear the issues from the candidates before I make up my mind.

      Now, I’m sorry, but this post does not prove bias. The articles on AP states the obvious. Everything they said about Clinton and Brownback is based on fact. There is no bias there. Yes, Clinton gets more attention, why? Well you guessed, she is the first real viable female politician that could win the presidency. Yes, it is “historic.” And yes, she is a “political powerhouse.” I’m surprised it took you that long to to figure that out. And she does have “immense star power,” everyone in the nation knows her. Everyone in the nation has an opinion of her. As for Brownback he has been tapped as the conservative alternative to McCain and Guiliani. That is obvious. And you know what, he is a favorite of the religious right as the article says. Everything in these articles is based on fact, I simply don’t see the bias. Plus, that link does not show she is a liberal. What it shows is the positions supported by the ADA compared to positions of the Senators. If you knew anything about Clinton’s record, or even looked at Clinton’s record you will know that Clinton is closer to the center than Obama or Edwards. Clinton is a Democrat leaning to the center.

      Having said that, I think it is unfortunate that Clinton ate up the media and left Brownback in the dust, but he did have a nice event and he did get some play on the media. I personally think he is a longshot. Mike Huckabee will be a better choice among the conservatives. The Republican nominee will likely go to the front-runner as the Republicans always vote for their front-runner. Whether the front-runner is McCain or Guiliani remains to be seen. I personally think it’s McCain.

    5. jarhead john says:

      While this is blatantly disgusting, it’s far from surprising. The only surprise is that they didn’t borrow some “photographs” of Brownback from Reuters in order to enhance their lefty stance.

      All of this puppy-love like adoration of Obama is getting nauseating. Shame that he won’t come right out and state,”I’m a muslim,” or “I’m not a muslim.” You’d think that sort of thing would be important to people (even dummycrats).

    6. Rodney A Stanton says:

      What? The MSM supports a Clinton over a Republican?! Gee that has never happened before! Next you will be telling us they hid certain facts about a Clinton that may be negative! WOW! “Doctored” “news” from the MSM/DNC, boy o boy! To quote Bill Jefferson “I am shocked, I tell you shocked!”

      Bill is the keeper of cool UN cash for thos not up on Democratic politics.

    7. CavalierX says:

      When Brownback said, “I am a conservative and I’m proud of being a conservative,” he ought to have been struck by lightning, after his sponsorship of the McCain-Kennedy illegal alien amnesty bill.

    8. Drewsmom says:

      Yeah, the msm and the biased cnn, msnbc showed hillery announcing on the internet every 15 minutes as if it was the biggest newsflash in the history, but I forget, it is the biggest to these guys.
      This dem race will be fun to watch.
      chrissy matthews and timmy russert will be in full report mode !!!!!

    9. Tom TB says:

      How will we know how badly Hillary wants to get back into the White House? When you see her at a shooting range with an AR-15 with a 30 round magazine chatting with the guys and gals in their flannel jackets!

    10. vatar says:

      Has anyone watched the Hillary announcement video? Take a look at the trees in the background through the window. This video is several months old. It was made during the summer.

    11. Baklava says:

      vatar – funny. Remember the rocks on the beach that Bill was able to arrange so conveniently when walking along the beach with Hillary back in his presidential days. Rocks that were nowhere on the beach except in his path ready to be placed nicely.

      Scripted all the way.

      Unless you are the sheople or the dominant press. Then you can overlook the poll driven presidency. No leadership only decision by polls. Every idea is based on focus groups and not what is right or wrong.

      The LEAD up to the Bosnia war was scripted and the dominant media conviced the public that something MUST be done prior to our bombing campaign for a month or two. At first the American public could care less. Then the people cared after the dominant press carried the water (converse to Bush’s treatment), then Bill acted with leadership!!!

    12. Leslie says:

      Sen. Brownback strikes me as an honest man. I imagine he’s really running for Vice President this time around. He could be an asset on the ticket. if, say, Rudy gets the nomination.

      The articles on him that I read make it appear as though he is an Iraq skeptic.

      Anyway, he will add to the conversation.