Comment thread: The President’s State of the Union address and the Dem response to it

Posted by: ST on January 23, 2007 at 8:58 pm

Drudge has ‘exclusive’ copies of both tonight’s SOTU speech and Senator Jim Webb’s upcoming response to it. The President will be on to give the speech in just a few mins.

I’m going downstairs to watch it and I must say I feel slightly nauseous at the thought of potential Dem childish antics tonight during the SOTU, but maybe they’ll be on their best behavior since they’ll be on national TV.

Allah calls SOTUs in general the biggest non-event of the year. For those unable to watch the speech, Captain Ed and Mary Katharine Ham are liveblogging it.

Update: Fox is reporting that Michael J. Fox is in attendance and is either sitting in the First Lady’s box or very close to it.

Update II: Anyone else notice how the Dems didn’t stand up en masse and applaud when the President talked about the pursuit of victory and security in the WOT? Telling, but not exactly ‘revealing’ to most of us.

Bryan Preston:

Still, it’s revealing that the Democrats stand up when the President mentions Darfur–where there are no US troops and won’t be any US troops–but sit on their hands when he mentions Iraq–where there are US troops and where there will be US troops fighting hard for a while to come. What possesses a group of people to take Sudan more seriously than Iraq as a crisis? What possesses a group of people to rank the importance of international crises in an inverse relationship to those crises’ effect on US national security? I already skewered one Democrat over this phenomenon last month, so I’ll just apply that post to the entire Democrat party minus Joe Lieberman. What a bunch of unserious buffoons.

I won’t stick around for Webb’s response, though, again it’s telling who the Democrats picked to deliver it. Webb has a son in Iraq, but he’s a Sheehan on the war, and is most recently famous for being rude to the President. What a guy!

I’m not watching Webb’s ‘response’ either.

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  • 18 Responses to “Comment thread: The President’s State of the Union address and the Dem response to it”


    1. steveegg says:

      The ‘Rats won’t behave; it’s not in their nature or interest.

    2. sanity says:

      I can’t remember, but when it was a Democrat as President, did the media ever do the same: The President and the Republican response?

    3. Mwalimu Daudi says:

      Overall, it was a good speech.

      I suspect that the MSM along with their Democratic pets will rip into him, but what else is new? They lack the courage to put their beloved cut-and-run strategy in Iraq to a vote (and risk being held accountable for its consequences).

    4. Baklava says:

      Yes Sanity. I don’t know when it started but it’s been happening as long as I rememember.

    5. geezer says:

      1st SOTU since ’01 I’m not watching live (will catch it later either on Fox News or C-Span, or maybe not at all.) No matter, since I’m sure Dubya did well, the Dems still hate him, the MSM will downplay the good/play up the bad and we’ll all drift a little further towards ’08.

      In the meantime, what a Super Bowl we’ll have! Bears over the Colts by 3.

    6. Marshall Art says:

      I watched. I would have preferred a bit more passion from Bush, but the message overall was good regarding the war in particular. Perhaps he’s just tired. Don’t blame him.

      I caught the Web response shortly after it began, but couldn’t watch it all. I bailed after the usual inference that this is the first war that hasn’t gone perfectly. It disgusts me.

      I particularly liked the end where he highlighted guests beginning with Dikembe Motumbo of the NBA. When he spoke of these as examples of what Americans are like, his demeanor picked up noticeably.

    7. TedintheShed says:

      Not bd, over all.

      Some specifics:

      I liked the increase of the armed forces by 92,000 over the next five years. I dislike that it is only 92,000. However, Clinton really hurt us as a military power when he cut troops and support by 800,000. That kind of cut takes a generation to recover from.

      I didn’t like how soft he remained on the birder issue.

      I like how he was talking about not incresing taxes, and being fiscally conservative (something I haven’t seen from him till this point).

    8. sanity says:

      This is too funny. A Congresswoman can’t keep her hands off Bush.

      At least some in Congress love Bush…[laughs]

      MN congresswoman can’t keep her hand off Bush
      Newly-elected Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann got quite a bit of face time with President Bush after his State of the Union Speech Tuesday night.

      While the President was signing autographs for members of Congress after the speech, the sixth-district Republican put her hand on Bush’s shoulder. However, it wasn’t just a tap. After he signed an autograph for her, Bachmann grabbed the president and did not let go for almost 30 seconds.

      After signing the autograph for Bachmann, the president turns away, but Bachmann doesn’t let go. In fact, the video shows her reaching out to get a better grip on him.

      Bush then leans over to kiss another congresswoman, but Bachmann is still holding on. Bachmann then gets more attention, a kiss and an embrace from the president. A few seconds later, Bachman’s hand finally comes off the presidential shoulder.


      Click the link and watch the video also.

    9. Tom TB says:

      On illegal immigration; I don’t like rewarding people whose very first experience in our Nation was evading uniformed law enforcement officers, and if they are given some “amnesty”, two things will certainly happen; they will have learned nothing but cheerful disregard for our system of law; and the Legal immigrants who waited years to play by the rules will have nothing but contempt for the illegals!