Comment thread: The President’s State of the Union address and the Dem response to it

Drudge has ‘exclusive’ copies of both tonight’s SOTU speech and Senator Jim Webb’s upcoming response to it. The President will be on to give the speech in just a few mins.

I’m going downstairs to watch it and I must say I feel slightly nauseous at the thought of potential Dem childish antics tonight during the SOTU, but maybe they’ll be on their best behavior since they’ll be on national TV.

Allah calls SOTUs in general the biggest non-event of the year. For those unable to watch the speech, Captain Ed and Mary Katharine Ham are liveblogging it.

Update: Fox is reporting that Michael J. Fox is in attendance and is either sitting in the First Lady’s box or very close to it.

Update II: Anyone else notice how the Dems didn’t stand up en masse and applaud when the President talked about the pursuit of victory and security in the WOT? Telling, but not exactly ‘revealing’ to most of us.

Bryan Preston:

Still, it’s revealing that the Democrats stand up when the President mentions Darfur–where there are no US troops and won’t be any US troops–but sit on their hands when he mentions Iraq–where there are US troops and where there will be US troops fighting hard for a while to come. What possesses a group of people to take Sudan more seriously than Iraq as a crisis? What possesses a group of people to rank the importance of international crises in an inverse relationship to those crises’ effect on US national security? I already skewered one Democrat over this phenomenon last month, so I’ll just apply that post to the entire Democrat party minus Joe Lieberman. What a bunch of unserious buffoons.

I won’t stick around for Webb’s response, though, again it’s telling who the Democrats picked to deliver it. Webb has a son in Iraq, but he’s a Sheehan on the war, and is most recently famous for being rude to the President. What a guy!

I’m not watching Webb’s ‘response’ either.

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