What passes for ‘art’ at Berkeley

Abu Ghraib “paintings.” Zombietime shares photos from the “American premiere” of Colombian artist Fernando Botero’s “artwork.”

Via LGF.

7 thoughts on “What passes for ‘art’ at Berkeley

  1. Crap, crap, and more crap. The Left loves living in a fantasy world where they are the heroes, fighting oppression. In reality it is they who are the oppressors. This “art” is just more silliness from the fawning pinkos.

  2. Any paintings of the Abu Ghraib courts martial? You know, where we administered justice?

    Naw, didn’t think so. Not dramatic enough. And besides, it would highlight a major difference between the US and those other dictatorships. Because, you know, we’re all the same.

  3. Was sorta wondering where the paintings of Saddamn’s real torture chambers were. Was lost not to see the shredders that Saddamn used. Along with everything else a real torture chamber would have. – Lorica

  4. Lefty political “Art” is always the same; only the US can be portrayed as an oppressor, terrorist, imperialist, etc., and if any repressive regime around the world is shown, they must have some shadowy connection to the CIA, Zionists, the Bush family, etc. Notice though that they always want to exhibit and sell this propaganda in the capitalistic, anti-environment, racist, homophobic, etc. USA!

  5. Well, there’s that too, Leslie. Often I judge art by whether I’d be willing to spend my own money on it, or to hang it in my own home. This stuff looks as if it ought to be done on velvet.

    Which, in case I am being obscure, means no, and no respectively.

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