Al Gore nominated for Nobel Peace prize (UPDATE – RUSH NOMINATED, TOO)

Posted by: ST on February 1, 2007 at 6:19 pm


Just one more reason not to hold the Nobel Peace prize – nor its nominating process – in high regard, especially considering past winners like Jimmy “give Hamas a chance” Carter and Yasser “friend of Jimmy’s” Arafat.

Hat tip: EU Referendum, which has a hilarious graphic of Mr. Blowhard himself.

Update: Heh – Rush Limbaugh has been nominated, too. The elitists on the left who hold the prize in such high regard surely must be scratching their heads over that one ;)

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  • 12 Responses to “Al Gore nominated for Nobel Peace prize (UPDATE – RUSH NOMINATED, TOO)”


    1. stoo says:

      Let’s not forget that Stanley “Mookie” Williams, murderer and children’s book author was also nominated…

    2. NC Cop says:

      Never has the Nobel Peace prize been more useless.

    3. geezer says:

      We Mets fans suffer greatly at seeing the words “Mookie” and “murderer” linked for all time. Life can be so unfair, eh?

      We need to come up with something Gore and Carter could really sink their teeth into–like a docudrama depicting the life of the woman they both (and us) love to hate: “Hillary–When Cookies Just Ain’t Enough!” (“Cookies” having that clever double meaning for those of Slick’s victims they consider “bimbos.”) Or: “I’m Tough, I’m Smart, and I So Want To Converse With You!” Nah, not catchy enough.

      Wait. “Why Not Me And All My Baggage?” Way too Carterish. This’d work: “An Inconvenient Husband.” Too truthiful.

      Wow, this is a harder sell than I’d thought… honestly, could it possibly be this woman has reached the point where every joke that could be made at her expense has already been made? If so, beware, my friends…

    4. J Rob says:

      “We Mets fans suffer greatly at seeing the words “Mookie” and “murderer” linked for all time.”
      Not to mention U. of South Carolina fans (where Mookie WILSON, who went on to star with the Mets) played his college ball.

      The Carter and Gore, the Peanut Appeaser and the Peanut Brain. Combined, they will make for an incredibly insufferable left (not that it isn’t already insufferable)

    5. Dana says:

      Mets fans, don’t worry: it was Tookie Williams who was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

    6. stoo says:

      My new year’s resolution to proof read is already

      Sorry, Mets fans!

      Just dang.

    7. Jim says:

      The nutroots gang are having a meltdown over Rush’s nomination. x( Take a look at the comments on a post Dan Riehl wrote on this subject.

      My post is here.

    8. Poet says:

      For those who may not know, the nomination was offered by the estimable Dr. Mark “F.Lee” Levin, which I think properly honors Rush while also pointing out the ludicrous concept which the Nobel Prize now is.