Moonbat extraordinaire George Soros equates the Bush administration to the Third Reich

I’ve documented at least two instances where moneyman George Soros has compared the administration to Nazi Germany, and he’s up to it again, escalating his rhetoric against the administration by – for at least the third time – equating it to the Third Reich. Via the NYPost (emphasis added):

Soros, who spent $26 million trying to beat Bush two years ago, is a key supporter of the media-darling Illinois Democrat’s presidential campaign. […] After asserting that the United States is recognizing the error it made in Iraq, Soros said, “To what extent it recognizes the mistake will determine its future.” He went on to say that Turkey and Japan are still hurt by a reluctance to admit to dark parts of their history, and contrasted that reluctance to Germany’s rejection of its Nazi-era past. “America needs to follow the policies it has introduced in Germany,” Soros said. “We have to go through a certain de-Nazification process.” Soros spokesman Michael Vachon told Page Six: “There is nothing unpatriotic about demanding accountability from the president. Those responsible for taking America into this needless war should do us all a favor and retire from public office.”

As repugnant as what he said is, I hope there are no calls for an apology or retraction of his comments. Despicable commentary from the likes of Soros (and William Arkin, for example) should stand on their own merits (specifically, lack thereof). This is really what far lefties think, and asking them for an apology or retraction would be like asking them to deny what they believe.

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