I’m with ya, Obama!

Ben Smith at The Poltico reports on a press conference Obama put on this weekend, where Obama’s number one complaint about the media was that it was, in essence, too much fluff and not enough ‘stuff’ about his actual record:

Barack Obama used his first news conference after announcing his run for president to accuse the media of ignoring his substantive record and falsely depicting him as a lightweight.

“The problem’s not that the info’s not out there,” he said of his record on policy issues. “The problem is that that’s not what you guys have been reporting on. You’ve been reporting on how I look in a swimsuit.”

Photo courtesy of People magazineI agree totally, Senator! In fact, I’ve already gotten the ball rolling with some helpful links the MSM could use in order to find out more about your solidly liberal voting record, should they want to get beyond your swimsuit pic and Clintonesque writing style. Want your record examined closely? I say, “Hell yeah – bring it on!” Stop making silly videos like this one, and let’s get down to business and take a closer look at what you are all about. I promise to continue to do my part :)

Also reported at The Politico: the numerous issues opponents on both sides of the aisle will likely use against Obama in the coming months. Consider that one a must-read. It contains a lot of contridictions in things Obama said just a couple of years ago versus now.

Prior this weekend:

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