Al Franken to run for Senate

Posted by: ST on February 15, 2007 at 11:09 am

The author, commodian – I mean comedian, and Scare America host wants wants Norm Coleman’s seat. Captain Ed has the lowdown on the story and believes there’s no way Franken would make it past the Dem primaries. Considering how much the Nutroots community have no doubt been inspired by the Dems winning control of Congress last year, I wouldn’t be so sure.

Either way, it’ll be fun to watch the ups and downs of his campaign ;)

Scott Johnson at Powerline has more.

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  • 11 Responses to “Al Franken to run for Senate”


    1. Ryan says:

      My home state of Minnesota has been known to elect idiots, so I wouldn’t put it past them to vote this clown into office.

      Mondale? Ventura?

    2. sanity says:

      Perhaps, but would be interesting to see him ‘debate’ or get flustered.

      He tends to get violent, throw chairs and attack people when he gets angry……

    3. benning says:

      I just don’t see “comedian”. When’s he been funny, other than saying some of the stupidest things in public?

      Let him run! Let’s see how stupid the Dem Party has become.

    4. Leslie says:

      Well it does get the Frankster off the radio.


    5. Mwalimu Daudi says:

      Norm Coleman vs. Al Franken.

      What a rotten choice! I am soooo glad I don’t live in Minnesota!

      Still (as one wit remarked), the beauty of democracy is that only one of these bozos can win.

    6. TedintheShed says:

      I can see his campaign slogan now:

      I’m Good Enough, I’m Smart Enough, and Doggone It, People Like Me!


    7. sanity says:

      Franken Reads:

      Backstage Meltdown

      Franken recently released a violent promotional video for his new book. In the video he kicks a “right-winger” in the groin, breaks a chair over his head and then, once the “right-winger” is on the ground, a Franken admirer steps forward and viciously smashes a bottle on the fallen man’s head.

      As a Three Stooges fan, I can appreciate physical humor but Franken’s skit isn’t funny—at all. It’s sickeningly vicious.

      Let’s not forget the Gloria Wise Loan Controversy that will most assuredly be brought up during the election process.

      It will all come out during an elction.

      You can bet on it.

    8. Carl says:

      I honestly hope that everyone running against Franken uses all his past words against him. IF he gets elected after all his dirty laundry (he has plenty) and distasteful/putrid remarks & acts has been made public to the Minnesota electorate then they get what they deserve. I personally feel he is unelectable but then again I am reminded that Jesse “The Body…er…Mind” Ventura was elected Governor there. I just hope such an “impossibility” won’t happen a second time.