Senators Clinton, Obama to be in Selma Sunday just yards away from each other

It’ll be a Democratic panderfest this coming weekend in Selma, Alabama as Senators Clinton and Obama – both vying for the Dem nomination for president – are scheduled to speak just yards away from each other:

SELMA — U.S. Sen. Hillary Clinton will be in Selma on Sunday to speak, walk across the Edmund Pettus Bridge and accept an award for her husband, former President Bill Clinton.

Sen. Clinton, D-N.Y., will speak at a church just down the street from where U.S. Sen. Barack Obama will deliver an address.

It is expected to be the first time the two major candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination will appear so close to each other at the same time.

Obama, whose appearance was announced earlier this month, is to speak at Brown Chapel AME Church at 11 a.m. Sunday.

Sen. Clinton is to speak at Selma’s black First Baptist Church at the same time. The two churches are only a few yards from each other on Martin Luther King Jr. Street.

Faya Toure, a Selma attorney and civil activist, said Sunday night that former U.S. Sen. John Edwards, who also is running for the Democratic presidential nomination, was invited to appear along with Sen. Clinton and Obama.

She said Edwards, who was unsuccessful in his bid to become vice president four years ago, has not indicated if he will be coming. She also stressed that the invitations were not intended to create “a showdown between presidential candidates.”


Other nationally known figures also will appear at the event, which commemorates a violent confrontation as well as one of the most important marches in American history.

The Rev. Jesse Jackson is to speak at Tabernacle Baptist Church while the Rev. Al Sharpton will speak at Second Baptist Church. The two have appeared at several Bridge Crossing events in past years.

Isn’t it strange that the Senator will be accepting an award on behalf of her husband, who, for some strange reason is not going to be there (or has given no indication that he will be)? One would think that at such an important event commemorating the plight of black people in the tumultuous 60s that the nation’s first black president (more here and here) would be in attendance to accept his own award.

Perhaps this is why?

The WaPo takes a look at Hillary’s “I can but you can’t” attitude towards invoking her husband’s tenure as president. Her mentioning the ‘good things’ is ok – but others bringing up things like her husband’s mpeachment? Not so much.

In the meantime, Senator Clinton continues to ‘court’ black voters

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