‘Peaceful’ Palestinians engaging in ‘revenge rape’ of Jewish women

Posted by: ST on February 27, 2007 at 9:09 pm

Via the Jerusalem Post:

A gang of serial rapists has been prowling the North, raping Jewish women as revenge for IDF actions in the West Bank, police revealed Tuesday after arresting six suspects.

“We are raping Jews because of what the IDF is doing to the Palestinians in the territories,” one of the six suspects told investigators from the Northern District Central Investigative Unit (CIU) during questioning. During their questioning and their brief appearance at the Nazareth Magistrate’s Court Tuesday, none of the four main suspects indicated that they felt remorse for their actions.

One of the rape victims was a 13 year old girl.

Hat tip: Atlas Shrugs

In related news, Allah links up to this NYSun report which notes the Palestinian terrorists are turning the ruins of Israeli synagogues into military bases:

TEL AVIV — The ruins of two large synagogues in evacuated Jewish communities of the Gaza Strip have been transformed into military bases used by Palestinian Arab groups to fire rockets at Israeli cities, according to a senior leader of a Gaza militant group.

When Israel withdrew from the Gaza in August, 2005, it left intact 20 synagogues of the Gush Katif Jewish communities following an Israeli Cabinet decision against demolishing the structures. Immediately after the Israeli evacuation was completed, Palestinian Arabs destroyed most of the Gaza synagogues.

Speaking to The New York Sun from Gaza, a spokesman for the Popular Resistance Committees, Abu Abir, said the area in which the synagogues once stood is now used to fire rockets at Israel.

“We are proud to turn these lands, especially these parts that were for long time the symbol of occupation and injustice, like the synagogue, into a military base and source of fire against the Zionists and the Zionist entity,” Mr. Abir said.

Yada yada yada. Let’s just ‘negotiate peace’ with them. After all, that’s what they really want. Right?

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  • 2 Responses to “‘Peaceful’ Palestinians engaging in ‘revenge rape’ of Jewish women”


    1. marc says:

      Yeah, they’re real peaceful folks, those “palestinians”.

      I’ve always thought the Israelis were as tough and as mean as any bunch in the Middle East. The difference between them and the rest, the reason why they deserve our support, is that given a chance they would stop fighting and live peacefully.