Presidential candidate watch

Erica Stalnecker at NRO has a lengthy link roundup of the latest news being reported on Democrat and Republican presidential contenders. Check it out here.

The biggie is the ‘revelation’ of some of candidate Romney’s campaign ‘strategies’ via one page of a strategist’s Powerpoint presentation leaked to the Boston Globe. Matt Lewis at notes team Romney’s response.

One thing missing from the NRO article list is news that Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) may have violated campaign laws with some ads he ran in New Hampshire. Read about the dustup here.

In related news, John Hawkins ranks the general election “beatibility” of the top three Dem contenders so far.

One thought on “Presidential candidate watch

  1. Great roundup, ST. I enjoyed the John Podhoretz piece, which I linked as Rudy the Liberal-Slayer. The Democrats understand he’s their most formidable opponent, which is why they’re the ones constantly reminding us how liberal he allegedly is.

    Jammie, please submit your related posts as trackbacks. Thanks. –ST

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