Has John Edwards flipped out?

Posted by: ST on March 5, 2007 at 8:19 pm

John EdwardsNo, I don’t mean this kind of “flipped” (see photo, left) but another kind.

Bryan Preston at Hot Air blogged this evening about John Edwards latest campaign tactic, which is to invoke Jesus when talking about Iraq, or other ‘failures’ of the Bush administration. He linked up to this AP report, the lowlights of which will follow below (with emphasis added):

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – Democratic presidential hopeful John Edwards says Jesus would be appalled at how the United States has ignored the plight of the suffering, and that he believes children should have private time to pray at school.

Edwards, in an interview with the Web site Beliefnet.com, said Jesus would be most upset with the selfishness of Americans and the country’s willingness to go to war “when it’s not necessary.”

“I think that Jesus would be disappointed in our ignoring the plight of those around us who are suffering and our focus on our own selfish short-term needs,” Edwards told the site. “I think he would be appalled, actually.”

Here’s the full interview.

While I think it’s universally understood that Jesus would want us to give more of ourselves than some of us do (it says as much in the Bible), where on earth did candidate Edwards get the idea that Jesus “would be” upset with the country’s willingness to go to war [with Iraq] when it’s not necessary”? as if to suggest that Jesus would be anti-Iraq war? Has he had a personal talk with Jesus where Jesus informed only him of his feelings about the Iraq war? Here was my comment at Hot Air:

That’s interesting. If President Bush were to come out tomorrow and say that “Jesus would have wanted this war because it freed people” we’d never hear the end of the screaming from the left that GWB was thisclose to turning this country into a theocracy. There’d be hearings, calls for healing, naked nutroot lefties laying in the street in protest. But John Edwards, politician and trial lawyer, can stand there and say that he knows Jesus would be against this war, with the implication being that for that reason, we shouldn’t have started it, and the usual suspects don’t view that in the same light.

Will their hypocrisy never end?

This is the same Edwards who wanted to keep two bloggers on his campaign staff who made it very clear what they thought of Christians. Most of it is not reprintable here.

Edwards comments are nothing more than blather coming from a self-serving snob who invokes his supposed faith because he believes it will play well to the religious crowd, much in the same way Howard Dean tried to back when he ran for president.

You can always tell when the campaign season rolls around, because Democrats start talking about their ‘faith’ as if it’s old hat, when any other time they’re the first ones who will scream about how we’re ‘in danger’ of ‘blurring the lines between church and state’ and how we should ‘be careful.’ Phonies, all.

Read more, via Sensible Mom.

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  1. reliapundit says:

    HI. i blogged another angle: the FACT that Americans are the most generous people on Earth. i have links to prove it. and to prove that the most charitable of Americans are conservatives.

    so edwards is ALSO just flat out wrong on the facts.

    americans are not selfish.

    then there’s the fact that we Americans have sacrificed more than any other people for human liberty and universal human rights. for Europe and Asia and now Afghanistan and Iraq.

    edwards is a lying phony hypocritical demagogue: IOW: a perfect nominee for the dems!

  2. camojack says:

    John Edwards for runner-up in ’08!!!

  3. tommy in nyc says:

    ST is simply not being truthful which is fairly annoying because she is from the conversations with her on the blogosphere a fairly misguided but straight shooter. Does any Christian honestly believe Jesus would support pre-empetive violence????? Love thy neighbor as thy thyself is what he would say. Also knock it off ST about his feminist bloggers that you edited. –ST help get fired. Ms Marcotte didn’t exactly have an abuse free childhood you know? How but some compassion towards that. I think you’re just pushing propoganda. If you feel the war in Iraq is a good thing than join the military I did and no I’m not one of those elite liberal yankees who shoves his nose up at folks. I love to hear first hand reports from ya ST………FROM RAMADI…….OR Baghdad…………ticked off at the moment can’t help it

  4. tommy, you better knock if off with the language – and cool it.

  5. tommy in nyc says:

    Is that all you have to say to me ST a lecture about my language????? How bout’ responding to the point I’m trying to make? I thought you want honest discussion on your blog well now you have it. Do you want directions to your local recruiting station in Charlotte? I’m fairly sure the folks at the station would be more than willingly to give you directions:)>-

  6. I believe it’s time for another time-out for you, tommy, which you can use to smoke more weed.

    BTW, why aren’t you in Afghanistan? You support that war, right? Yes, I think so. And because you do, that means you should be suited up and ready to go. So get going.

  7. tommy in nyc says:

    Truthfully ST why aren’t I in the military(again) simple because of my medical and criminal history that’s why what’s your reason:-?………..difference between Dems and Republicans folks know what that is? See we just happen to care more about the downtrodden and the troops than Republicans. It’s sad to say but it’s the truth BTW it wasn’t always that way I know but as Bob Dylan said………the times they are a changing!!!!!!

  8. sanity says:

    tommy rediculously states:
    Ms Marcotte didn’t exactly have an abuse free childhood you know? How but some compassion towards that.

    Are you a lawyer tommy because this seems to be a tactic used to get around personal responsibility. They aren’t responsible for their actions, they had a bad childhood.


    I had a very shitty childhood, let me clue you in you nitwit…

    – at age 4 my father kidnapped me and my mother had no idea where I was for 6 months.

    – I had a step-father when I was in highschool that when I got a wrong answer, liked to punch me in the chest.

    – same step-father used to beat me so badly I had black and blue (not a strip of white left on my legs) from the top of my butt to the back of my knees and I would have to wear pants so it was not noticeable in 100 degree weather.

    – same step-father used to strike me in the head with the butt of his shotgun when I lost the tracks of the rabbits we hunted.

    – the same step-father was responsible for the death of his other son, because when my mother and I left for a shelter, he couldn’t take the abuse I had and put a shotgun in his mouth and killed himself.

    I don’t want pity, and I speak of these few things, and there was much more, I speak of these so as to prove my point.

    So don’t f*cking tell me about a rough childhood you moron. It is a way of dumping personal responsibility for your own actions. I may have had my troubles but I have not turned into a hate-filled liberal who blames everyone else for any problems I see or any bad actions on my or someone I supports part.

    If I say something out of line, then that is my fault and I will either defend my position or apologize for it, but either way it is my position, and not a problem of my childhood.

    Grow the hell up.

    Angry, yeah, a bit, not because of what I shared, because I have nothing to hide, but because turds like you try and defend something by relating it to a bad childhood. It is stupid crap like this that gets murderers and rapists lighter or no sentences because people like you try and play on sympathies of abuse in their childhoods to relieve them or explain away their actions. People like you have tried this with terrorists, saying it is a mental disorder or a result of a bad childhood to explain their actions of terrorism. Complete and total BS.

    Then with a sickening display of uselessness states:
    Do you want directions to your local recruiting station in Charlotte?

    Another statement of complete idiocy.

    You don’t have to join up in the VOLUNTEER military to have an opinion or to state it. See, that is what is so great about being an American, you have those rights, but I am sure if given a choice, people like you would want that taken away.

    All about the rights of women and their bodies but not about the rights of Americans and their freedom of speech, eh?

    And before you try and give me a piece of your mind, save it, you don’t have much to spare to be giving away pieces. I have served in the Military for 8 years, spent time in South Korea and Panama with jungle training. There are others who state opinions that are similiar or exactly the same as ST’s and they too have served in the military.

    You do not have to serve to have an opinion, but only to know what you talking about before stating an opinion is all I ask, but it isn’t a requirement to stating something, which is obvious in your case.

    Sorry ST if I was a bit over the top, but this twit is a complete tool.

  9. American Vet says:

    I am saying leave ST alone. She is right on about the war. Before you try to tell me to join the military, I spent 20 years in the US Air Force. I saw action during the Lebanese Civil war, the defense of Saudi Arabia during the Iran/Iraq war, other actions in the Middle East, Desert Shield/Desert Storm, Operation Southern Watch, and Bosnia just to name a few. I only present my partial resume because of your tired attempt to use “if you support the war then join the military and fight’ argument.
    Your last attempt at the English language to insult ST is a prime example of what is wrong with liberals…you just don’t get it. If it were up to you and the rest of the liberal ilk, Americans would be murdered by suicide bombs in our shopping malls. May God bless us and not allow a weak kneed anti-American liberal to be elected to the Presidency.

  10. American Vet says:

    God Bless you and very well said!!!!

  11. tommy in nyc says:

    :((:((:(( You know I simply can’t comprehend some of the responses I receive here on this blog. Really I simply just do not understand no BS. First off ST never responded to my first statement which is sooooooooooo obvious that Jesus would not condone a pre-empetive war what the HECK IS SO HARD TO UNDERSTAND ABOUT THAT?????????? Secondly Amvet after 20 years of military service does he honestly expect the American public to tolerate Islamofascists setting off IED’S? Doubtful regardless of political afflition. Thrird Sanity you ain’t showing much sanity at the moment. Nobody is forgiving terrorists for their actions especially not me but ask yourself this if some soldier of Mid-East decent kicked in your door at 3AM I’m fairly sure you would have no love lost for that man. Also ST called us on the left a bunch of phonies well I’m no freakin phony. I’ll tell you EXACTLY what is on my damn mind. st IS proud of the fact that Ms Marcotte lost her job. Yeah a typical Republican in my opinion happy about getting what they want on the cheap and screwing your neighbor not loving them that’s real christian. Typical:-w

  12. Tom TB says:

    I think Edwards would have gone after Jesus for practicing medicine without a license.

  13. I think this story is what’s gotten tommy so upset.

  14. karl says:

    Joining my veterans voice to Sanity’s and American Vet’s. While I occasionally disagree with ST on some issues, she is dead on about the war.

    Tommy, If the dems care so much about the troops, why are they trying to trash their morale constantly?

    How fun is it to fight for your life when the democratic leaders back home call you uneducated losers?

  15. tommy in nyc says:

    =))=)) Well ST certainly knows how to scare the living hell outof me. Maam there is nothing funny about that tragedy (OK well maybe

  16. tommy in nyc says:

    I’m getting carried away) but that’s not the real reason. But seriously I ain’t happy with youse folks on the right cost Ms M arcotte her job she’s in her twenties and could use the cash. So much for caring about working people. Besides I got other stuff on my mind concerning personal stuff up here freezing my tail off in Queens

  17. sanity says:

    She quit tommy, she wasn’t fired first of all.

    Second, her past came back and bit her in the butt. Her personal blog, and how she conducted herself, and the things she said was brought to light and when you are ruing for office, the person running and those associated with you get scrutinized.

    Edwards should have gotten a less controversial blogger to help him. There are more left leaning blogs ot there that are not like hers, that actually have civil discourse and don’t resort to the type of behaviour she exhibited.

    Her actions were the cause of her not keeping her job, not the right. Again you are misplacing blame.

    The right may have lionized her, but if the shoe was on the other foot, I believe the left would be going batshit for a long time…in fact if I remember correctly, there was not long ago a stir caused by a rigt side blogger blogging for the newspaper that had step aside because of his past. I am sure he needed the money too, but because of his actions in the past is why he lost his job…and many on the left brought his actions up to light.

    There is nothing wrong with that, but don’t be hypocritical when dealing with blogs or bloggers. You cannot bring the light of one bloggers past up and question their ability to be truthful and accurate, and then play the sympathy card with hers.

  18. Great White Rat says:

    Sanity, it’s clear that you turned your rough start in life to your advantage. The easy way would have to become a whiny lib expecting to get a free pass for anything you do in life from then on. Instead, you learned self-reliance and responsibility from an early age. That takes some strong character. I salute you.

    Now as for tommy in nyc…

    You’re not really going to try the tired old chickenhawk meme again, are you? It’s never worked before anyplace outside of DU, Kos, or HuffPost. If that’s all you have, you’ve already surrendered intellectually.

  19. Great White Rat says:

    Has he had a personal talk with Jesus where Jesus informed only him of his feelings about the Iraq war?

    Well, ST, keep in mind that this same Silky Pony claims to have channeled the thoughts of an unborn baby (oops, sorry – for you pro-abortion people, fetus) in front of a jury. So maybe he’s channeling Jesus now.

  20. tommy in nyc says:

    :)>- Well that’s fair enough sanity. You make a valid point which I do in all honestly respect. Edwards staff should’ve looked up her blog BEFORE they hired her. You are correct amazing isn’t it a leftie who accepts the fact he is not always correct. Great White Rat I’m not bringing up the chickenhawk argument but the other day you insinuatied Dems like me actually help Al-Queda which is offensive to say the least. Nothing could be further from the truth. It’s just gets on a man’s nerve being slandered for my political views and disagreements of the current 43 Admins policies. It gets old quick.

  21. Great White Rat says:

    Showing the effects of some really bad drugs, tommmy proves he’s lost touch with reality:
    See we just happen to care more about the downtrodden and the troops than Republicans.

    Here’s an idea, tommy, that you guys on the left might want to think about. I’m completely serious about this.

    Here it is:

    Please STOP caring about our troops. Instead, start caring about the islamofascist terrorists.

    Once you’ve decided to support the islamofascists, maybe Democrats will stand in the well of the Senate and compare AQ and the Taliban to the Nazis and Pol Pot. After all, that’s what Democrats said about our troops while claiming to support them.

    Maybe you’ll send protesters to the madrassas and work to keep islamofascists from recruiting there. You know, the way you do at our universities to try to show how you support our troops.

    Maybe you’ll organize rallies in front of the caves in Pakistan and encourage AQ and Taliban troops to shoot their leaders. You know, the way you guys now hold up signs saying ‘we support our troops when they shoot their officers’.

    Maybe the NY Times will work on revealing all the intelligence gathering operations of the islamists, making it easier for US troops to find and kill them. You know, the same way the NYT shows its support for our troops by revealing all the secret details of our intelligence systems, thereby hurting our war effort.

    Maybe you guys will publish all the details of AQ’s financial transactions and how they fund terrorism. Or try to cut off their funding completely. You know, the way you’ve been helping terrorists hide the details by publishing stories about how we were following terrorist cash, and the way you’re even now trying to cut US military funding – to show how you support the US troops.

    Once your side is officially siding with the enemy, maybe we’ll get to see John Kerry denounce the islamofascists as a bunch of dunces. You know, the way he does with our soliders and Marines now.

    There are a lot more ways you can apply this – if you need any I’m sure the other commenters here can provide suggestions – but you get the drift.

    Oh, I hope your pusher gives you a better grade of drugs next time. This bad batch is causing you to post some really inane stuff today.

  22. Lorica says:

    Tooo Funny:

    Yeah a typical Republican in my opinion happy about getting what they want on the cheap and screwing your neighbor not loving them that’s real christian. Typical

    This coming from a person who himself has a criminal background. Which one of your neighbors did you screw tommy to become a felon?? Damn how I wish I could be so hypocritical.

    As far as Jesus, and John E. I have to wonder how John would know anything what Jesus thinks. Yeah like so many libs they can toss out the garbage like Love thy neighbor like thy self, and pontificate upon this thought endlessly. It truly is amazing. Jesus is going to instantly judge his enemies, Sadamn Hussein who murdered hundreds of thousands of the people he was responsible for would be judge by Jesus, and it wouldn’t be for riches, and Eternal life. What did God say about Abel’s blood when he was chatting with Cain?? It called out for justice. Ending Sadamn’s ability to murder his population, is the first and foremost the greatest objective of this war. Tommy and so many conveinently forget these facts and harp on such a stupid arguement, which has been so easily defeated, that I don’t even have a care for his opinion. Typically so many on the left have no understanding of the war on terror outside of the lies that the Main Stream Media tells them, which they swallow hook line and sinker.

    Getting back to John E. I don’t know how this guy can sleep at night. He took 30% or more from the tragic circumstances of these mothers and babies. He is wealthy due to their tragedy. Yet his defenders believe this is the actions of an honorable man. I don’t think so. Somehow John E’s 28,000 sq ft mansion and his 3000sq ft Beach house equates him to just a regular joe in their thinking. I too get upset with all of this religious political pandering, but I get upset with the fool Christians who want to believe these deceptions. Not the idiots who want to practice the deceit, if you have half a brain you can see thru them. – Lorica

  23. American Vet says:

    Are you serious? Are you for real or just trying to have some fun between tokes?

    “Secondly Amvet after 20 years of military service does he honestly expect the American public to tolerate Islamofascists setting off IED’S?”

    Here is exactly what I expect. I expect the American people to support their troops as they perform their duty. The motto at the United States Military Academy is “Duty, Honor, County” not “Duty, Honor, Country, when I agree with the Administration”.
    I hear people from the left like you say “what is our exit strategy”? Well, here it is WIN!!!! DEFEAT THE TERRORISTS!!!
    Now as to your question of IEDs. The IEDs are being set off in Iraq! I am very sorry for the innocent Iraqis and the American servicemen and women who are killed or wounded. But I know for a fact, the American people will tolerate Islamofascists setting off IEDs in Iraq long before they will tolerate IEDs being set off in the United States.
    The servicemen and women are all volunteers like I was. They know exactly what they are volunteering for and what they re-enlist/continue with their commission for. They, like many of us who comment here, are very PROUD of the job they are doing!!! Shame on the left for not being PROUD!!
    Instead of trying to slow bleed the troop’s funding for their job, the left should demand funding for the troops be increased. The fastest way home for our troops is DEFEAT THE TERRORISTS!!!
    If we follow the democrats plan for victory, tuck our tails between our legs and run home, the Islamofascists will follow us home and attack us here.
    For someone who says they were in the military you sure sound like a defeatist. How long did you last in the military? Not long I am sure.

  24. tommy in nyc says:

    Well Amvet I wasn’t a lifer like you goy out after a little over 3 years ……….sounds slightly unusual doesn’t it. Well I’ll tell you the option the Navy gave me it was real simple since the ship was decommisioning and I had less a year left on my EAOS and I was given a choice of taking an early separtion or a 24 month extension. Well I took it got an honorable as an e-4 bt3 tommy m—– this bad ass motherf——- speaking truth on a daily basis………….anyway islamofascists won’t follow us here they are already here they are making money and after 9/11 in the city a couple of folks I knew got harassed BIG TIME. Listen we are liberal in nyc how do you think the local community in let’s say Kansas City would respond to an terrorist attack? My money is on Mosques being burned to the ground that’s why I don’t think any minor IED attacks(well it ain’t minor if you are the dude getting attacked) are going to happen here in the states…………………. a large attack like 9/11 is a far greater possibility IMHO. Inflaming tension which this nation is doing globally is just not helpful.

  25. Great White Rat says:

    More ‘tommyrot’:

    Great White Rat I’m not bringing up the chickenhawk argument

    No??? What the hell was THIS supposed to imply then?

    Do you want directions to your local recruiting station in Charlotte?

    You were doing it, and you don’t even have the honesty to admit it.

    He continues:

    but the other day you insinuatied Dems like me actually help Al-Queda which is offensive to say the least.
    I didn’t insinuate anything; I said it openly. And yes, having you guys work against our military and by extension for the other side, is certainly offensive.

    Go back and read American Vet’s post, specifically the part about the West Point motto. He’s put his finger precisely on one of the big differences between you libs and the rest of us. It used to be that politics stopped at the water’s edge. It was understood that when our military was under fire, all Americans wanted them to be victorious. Not ‘find an exit strategy’. WIN.

    Compare the way the Dems act today with the way the GOP acted when Clinton sent the military into Kosovo. Some of us, myself included, had doubts about what national interest was being served, but once the troops were involved, no one tried to gain poltical advantage by defunding them, or destroying their intelligence gathering, or slurring them as Nazis and worse. And that was with an enemy who had no intention of following us back here if we withdrew. You libs, on the other hand, waste no opportunity to undercut the war and hasten our defeat. Even though you know down inside that the end result will be terrorist attacks here at home, you don’t care – not as long as you get control of Congress or the White House.

    Want people to stop thinking you’re on the other side in the WOT? Start acting like it.

    And then there’s this:
    I got other stuff on my mind concerning personal stuff up here freezing my tail off in Queens

    Stop complaining – when you freeze your tail off, you’re supplying carbon offsets that Al Gore can use to keep his pool heated. Konwing that oughta make you feel all warm and toasty inside.

  26. tommy in nyc says:

    What I meant about harrasment was Indian and Pakistani folks I knew some of these guys who had sisters who had their hijabs ripped off their heads that day. Trust me they were scared bro. No kidding man sadly I remember those days all too well

  27. American Vet says:

    My wife is from Iran and she would much rather have her hijab (if she wore one in the US) ripped off her head then to be blown up in the WTC, a mall, a pizza parlor, or pick a place were there are large gatherings of people. It is just not the IED to worry about it is also the Islamofascists who would wear a bomb vest into a crowded place to martyr him/herself in the name of Allah. The funny part about that is, according to Islam, they are doing the devils work.
    You see, we are already being threatened with that if we continue to fight the terrorist abroad or prevent Iran from getting nukes. Tommy you just plain have to realize it is coming and we must WIN to stop it. So fight them over there and not HERE. The whole appeasement thing will kill us all, including the appeaser.

  28. sanity says:

    Do you know WHY they have their hijabs ripped off their heads?

    Because terrorists have dressed as women to escape capture, hiding behind burkas and hijabs like the cowards they are.

  29. Lorica says:

    GWR let’s not forget how running in the face of a mob in Somalia DID NOT, and I repeat, DID NOT, encourage our enemies. Noooo our enemies weren’t encouraged by our actions at all. Riggghhhttt!!! They won’t follow us home, they didn’t then, why would they now. But then again to believe this logic you have to forget that we were attacked on 9/11. But what do I know, we didn’t get attacked in Podunk, Illinois. I keep forgetting as an American New York isn’t a part of my country. – Lorica